Designer Olga Naum left a letter before she died

The 74-year-old designer Olga Naum was found dead in the hotel room where she was staying in Recoleta last Saturday. Next to her was a

letter in which she left written difficult moments that he had to live His family had reported him missing.

To Naum The hotel employees found her when they went to look for her to leave, since her stay had ended. The woman was in the room with no vital signs and next to her were two empty clonazepam blister packs, a small bottle of liquid clonazepam and on the bedside table a newspaper clipping and a farewell letter addressed to their relatives. At the moment everything would indicate that it was a suicide

The renowned designer Olga was found dead Naum in a hotel in Recoleta

What did the letter Olga Naum left after her death say

According to reports, the letter detailed difficult family moments such as or the death of her grandson when he fell down an elevator shaft and the death of his brother.

Olga Naum 20221228Olga Naum 20221228

In addition to these misfortunes, on June 22, 1984 the Puccio clan

(the criminal gang led by Arquímedes Puccio) had tried to kidnap businessman Emilio “Milo” Naum, brother of the deceased designer.

However, the hardest episode Naum had to live through was eight years ago, when one of her grandchildren died in an accident with an elevator. Another more recent event, detailed in the designer’s letter, was a homicide that occurred on Sunday last week in Saladillo, where the son of a councilwoman was killed.

The latter is related to the designer since one of her grandsons is identified as the murderer and, for the same fact, His son, Ezequiel Emilio Salgado, 46, is also in custody. He is the owner of the gun with which they shot the victim, and the case against him is for possession and illegal possession of a weapon of war, since in his truck he had a Smith & & Wesson 38 caliber revolver.

From success in fashion to being a victim of the Puccio clan: who is Olga Naum, the renowned designer who was found dead

In addition to fashion, Naum He loved travel, horses and paintingOlga Naum 20221228

One of the activities that most frequently Olga used to travel. On her social networks it is possible to find different photos that the designer shared in various parts of the planet, sometimes accompanied by her family and other times by her friends. While working, I visited Paris twice a year and also Milan.

” I love to travel. I buy shoes, handbags, jewelry. I buy some designs so you can see how the fit is I’m looking for molds. I’m not a compulsive shopper. When I travel, what I like hits me,” he explained.

Another of his pastimes was riding a horse. “I live on the horse. I have a Peruvian step that I love. It’s very nice, that makes me feel free. I like to be in contact with nature,” he commented.

She also liked to paint, an activity that she felt “made her fly.” In this sense, she shared photos of the various works that she created on her social networks. The last one that he published on his Facebook account was information on November 22, with a message that said: “Nobody knows for sure… what is there, beyond… It occurred to me to paint something for each one. .. interpret your opinion”.


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