Despite Corona maximum numbers. China announces the end of the quarantine requirement upon entry.

China stuft die Corona-Gefahrenlage so weit zurück, dass eine Quarantäne bei Einreisen überflüssig wird.
China downgrades the corona risk situation so far, that a quarantine on entry becomes superfluous.

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China has announced an end to the quarantine requirement for travelers to the People’s Republic. As announced by the Beijing Health Commission on Monday, the danger level of the corona virus will be lowered from January 8th. As a result, travelers no longer have to endure hotel quarantine after their arrival, as the announcement said.

Most recently, travelers were isolated in a hotel room for at least five days and closely monitored. At times, an entry quarantine of 21 days was even mandatory. According to the commission, travelers will only have to present a negative corona test before departure to China. Further tests after arrival should be omitted. Gradually, the Chinese should also be allowed to do more international travel again. During the pandemic, the government had restricted travel opportunities abroad for its own countrymen. China came to an abrupt end to its zero on December 7 after almost three years of lockdowns, mass testing and other strict measures -Covid policy announced. The lifting of the entry quarantine is now a further relaxation. The about-face in corona policy was justified by the fact that infections with the new Omicron variants were no longer so difficult. But experts saw the reason above all in the fact that the strict measures could no longer be maintained in view of the explosive spread. The restrictions on the second-largest economy also had an increasing impact.

With the end of all measures, the virus spreads in China now very fast. According to officially unconfirmed internal estimates, 248 million people or 18 percent of the population were infected with Corona in the first three weeks of December alone. Hospitals are overcrowded and many crematoria can no longer cremate bodies fast enough. According to projections by experts, hundreds of thousands of deaths must be expected.


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