Disappearance of little Maddie: why is this young German convinced to be the real Madeleine?

Julia, 21, claims a DNA test could find out if she is Madeleine McCann, the British girl who disappeared while staying at a hotel in Portugal on May 3, 2007 a few days before the kid’s fourth birthday.

The latest twist in the case of little Maddie McCann, missing since 2007 A young German girl who lives in Poland has doubts about her boy’s identity and thinks she could be Madeleine McCann. She has been asking for weeks that the investigators study this lead and submit it to a DNA test, in vain. This is not the first time that a young girl has claimed to be the missing little one.So she decided to expose her story publicly on social networks.

A doubt for a few months

21 years old today, Julia Faustyna who also calls herself Julia Wendell created an Instagram account titled ” I am Madeleine McCann“, (iammadeleinemcann). She announces: “Help me, I need to speak to Kate and Gerry McCann. I think I could be Madeleine. I need a DNA test”.It all started with strange words that she heard from her grandmother and which sowed doubt in the boy’s mind a few months ago.She, who has very few memorabilia from childhood and does not always remain unclear about the beginning of her life, began asking questions and looking for evidence about her identity.She asked for a birth certificate from her moms and dads, as well as pictures of her baby or rehearsal of her pregnant mother, but she couldn’t get anything from them. She even asked them to submit to a DNA test but they refused. Child’s father would have told him whether or not he was a biological father. Even if the test was negative he told her that it would not change anything. What make her doubt a little more. But she doesn’t remember being abducted either.

Sexually assaulted when she was small

She claims that one of the suspects listed in the Maddie case resembles the person who sexually assaulted her as a child.”My grandmother told me that my family was aware that I had been injured by a pedophile”, she confides.As a result, she became interested in the Maddie affair and in particular on the official website findmadeleine.com

Evidence of similarities

And by comparing the images of the missing small and hers, she made some cross-checks. In particular possible body resemblances: face shape, dimple, moles…She posts images and could convince the authorities but also Maddie’s family to take her seriously.

DNA test

Wanting to know the truth, she claims on kid’s Instagram account to be able to get in touch with Maddie’s moms and dads, Kate and Gerry McCann, to ask them to submit to a DNA test to prove or not kid’s identity.

In a last post published at over the weekend, the young woman claimed to have spoken to someone who claimed to be Madeleine’s cousin.

She would have left her hear that she could talk to Kate and Gerry McCann, Maddie’s moms and dads, to arrange a DNA test.
Already several young girls had pretended to be possibly Maddie for years, and the tests had come back negative.


The young girl also explains that her mother does not want to hear about this story. “Every time I bring up the subject, she calls me crazy,” she says.For her mother she actually promotes a circus and she needs a psychiatric assistant.In the meantime, according to Julia, Maddie’s moms and dads would have agreed to submit to the famous DNA test, which would shed light on her possible identity or not.


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