“Doom Hotel” or FBI headquarters. These are the ugliest buildings according to Twitter users

Jana Václavíková Jana Václavíková

Updated 18. 2. 2023 13:31

The beauty of buildings is most often evaluated by architects and experts, but the general public also likes to judge them on social networks public. It was the unprofessional opinions that people wrote on Twitter that the Buildworld server focused on. With the help of artificial intelligence, he created a list of the most criticized buildings in the world according to Twitter users. Check out the “ugliest” ones in the photos.

10 Trump Tower in Las Vegas

Tenth most criticized building in the world according to Twitter and server Buildworld

became the Trump Tower building in Las Vegas, USA. The city’s tallest building, with a hotel and residential apartments at the same time, is covered in gold, and a six-meter-high sign “Trump” rises above. Her appearance was criticized by 17.39 percent of users, who somehow mentioned the building.

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