DPO will introduce the Airport Express to the airport in Mošnov, connecting it with hotels in Ostrava

In the event of a delay of one of the two regular airline routes, bus services will wait for the arrival of the aircraft.

From May 1, buses of the Ostrava Transport Company (DPO) will start going to the Ostrava airport in Mošnov. This follows from publicly available connection search engines, i.e. from the national timetable information system. The new line under license number 915083 aimed at passengers of regular lines from Warsaw and London Stansted Airport will go to Ostrava hotels. Upon a request from Zdopravy.cz for comment, the DPO stated that he will present the news to the public in detail next week. According to information from the website mhd-ostrava.cz, the Mošnov, Airport nádraží stop will be included in tariff zone No. 2. Passengers will thus be able to use the classic single tariff or a long-term ticket for this tariff zone. In the event of a delay of some of the airline lines, the bus lines will wait a maximum of 60 minutes for the arrival of the plane. It then leaves the airport no later than 30 minutes after the actual arrival of the line from Warsaw and 45 minutes after the actual arrival of the line from London.The route of the line marked in connection search engines as AE, i.e. Airport Express, will go through the stops Hornopolní, Husův sad, Elektra, ÚAN, Městský stadion, hotel Bělský les, Dubina and Mošnov, Airport nádraží.Detail prvního spoje nové linky AE dopravce DPO po vyhledání na stránce idos.idnes.cz.Zdroj: mhd-ostrava.czJízdní řád nové linky Dopravního podniku Ostrava na Letiště Ostrava.Zdroj: MHD Živě The website mhd-ostrava.cz further states that from the beginning of May, the schedule of route No. 333 of the carrier Z-Group Bus will probably be thinned out, which will now only provide connections due to the beginning and end of work shifts at the airport and in the Mošnov industrial zone. Until now, the line also connected with the arrivals and departures of regular lines and waited for their possible delays, but from the point of view of tourists, it was complicated to serve the stops between Ostrava and Mošnov. only for freight transport and employees of the adjacent industrial zone Since 2015, train connections have also been going to the Ostrava airport. However, their timetables have thinned out over time, and the train now serves almost exclusively employees of the adjacent industrial zone. A truly significant revitalization of the track was brought about by the commissioning of the combined transport terminal, which, according to experience so far, is bustling with activity.RegioPanter ve stanici Mošnov, Ostrava Airport. Foto: České dráhyTerminál Mošnov. Foto: Vojtěch OčadlýNádraží Ostrava Airport, foto: Moravskoslezský kraj
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