Dubai to circumvent the expensiveness of accommodation

Demand, which is very strong these days, is driving prices up! The economic offer was able to attend the three matches starts at 23,900 DH including plane tickets, accommodation in a 4hotel, category 3 match tickets (the most basic) and transfer.

Many people wish to travel to Qatar to support the Atlas Lions and thus kill two birds with one stone: Support the national team in this high mass of football and discover a culture and he country whose regional influence is increasingly remarkable.
For the majority of these unconditional fans, the logistical challenge poses itself with acuteness. Especially since the trip to Qatar expects obtaining the Haya card, also conditioned by the purchase of match tickets; the verification of plane tickets and of course the reservation of accommodation. Formules “All in” This is where packaged options (match tickets, plane tickets, hotels, and airport-hotel transfer) become important. Indeed, since April, several travel agencies have started to market “All in” formulas to serve this target group of advocates who do not want to manage their travel in a scattered way and prefer to use the services of a professional could take care of the logistics and free himself from the burden of the preparations. Especially since these are not the easiest …
Already, could obtain the tickets, the merchant websites offering the ticketing of the world, including that of FIFA, display an endless digital line. Put the plane tickets, it is not sure to easily find the adequate flight and at the most competitive price. Finally, and this is where things get tricky, the possibilities of finding accommodation are extremely rare, if not non-existent. A quick search through the main online booking websites gives the heap: it takes more than 300,000 DH for a week in a 5-star hotel in the capital Doha during the period hosting the national team matches, more than 120,000 DH put a 4 star establishment and around 50,000 put a three star! Overpriced, of course! A la carte packages To adapt to all budget plans and the preferences of advocates, most agencies have concocted offers by differentiating by two criteria: the degree of services offered (economic, average, and premium) and the number of matches (2 or 3) knowing that most agencies offer accommodation in Dubai and provide round-trip Dubai-Doha flights on match day.
Thus, the economic offer was able to attend the three matches at a rental agency is offered at 23,900 DH in an eco pack including plane tickets, accommodation in a 4 hotel, match tickets– category 3 (the most basic) and transfer and visit on rental. The same services are billed at 36,900 in the Silver pack, while the Bronze pack (accommodation in a 5-star hotel) and the Gold pack are sold at 39,900 and 48,900 DH respectively.
Another agency offers a Silver offer to attend two matches of your choice at 28,900 DH put 7 nights and 8 days in Dubai in a 4-star luxury hotel, and Fly dubai economy tickets with the alternative of staying in a single room for a supplement of 6900 DH for those who care more about their privacy! The same range of services is charged at 35,750 per person in a 5-star luxury hotel in a double room with an upgrade to a single for 9,750 DH. Low-cost air travel By analyzing the structure of the offers in more detail, we realize that in almost all the formulas on the market, the price of accommodation weighs put around 55% of the overall (apart from the margin of the trip agency). Indeed, the plane ticket with the RAM is at 5200 DH (agreed within the framework of the partnership between the Ministry of Sport and RAM), and the Dubai-Doha transfer flights are on average at 1500 DH in low-cost. Regarding match tickets, category 3 is offered at around 2500 DH, and it takes 600 to 800 DH more for category 2 and 1500 to 2000 DH more for category 1. An agency, among the few to offer rental accommodation, markets the most basic formula of 2 matches at 29,000 DH in a double room in a rental properties complex (Componed Villa) and 3 matches at 35,000 DH in a double room with an additional 10,000 DH put the single room in the same complex. Be that as it may, it should be kept in mind that demand is very high given the expected record crowds, the golden rule among agencies being: First come, first served. Professionals aware of the evolution of reservations in Doha and the main Qatari cities say that the World Cup will be definitively booked in 7 to 10 days at the optimum.


Hay ya, a digital card could replace the visa

The “Hay’ ya” fan card is an entry visa to the World Cup for fans coming from outside of Qatar. This file will be used as a smart technology identification card designed to provide fans with the best experience in Qatar and will serve as a means of identification and access to the various tournament websites. All fans must also have access to the stadiums. It will also allow ticket holders easier access to a range of transportation, tourism and other services and benefits. Travel agencies must request it once they have paid for customers’ tickets for the match and have their ticket request number by email.
A very crucial: Moroccan fans can use their Hay’ ya card (Fan ID) to enter Qatar several times, provided

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