Eid al-Fitr, Many Hotels in Makkah Offer Packages

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Eid al-Fitr is a time to celebrate joyful new beginnings and share precious moments with family and friends for Muslims, after spending a month fasting in the month of Ramadan. Thus, many hotels are prepared to offer accommodation packages, including in Makkah.

Many hotels in Makkah offer accommodation packages throughout Makkah to provide the perfect way to embrace this blessed tradition and celebrate an unforgettable Eid with loved ones.Reported on Arab News, Thursday (20/4/2023), Member of the Saudi Arabian Hajj and Umrah Committee Saad Al-Qurashi said that hotels in Saudi Arabia in this promises to make the holy month more enjoyable for pilgrims to add to their memories. He said pilgrims in Makkah on Eid would have the opportunity to mix spiritual experiences with joy. “Pilgrims flock to Makkah wearing their unique traditional clothing with different colors and beautiful designs, forming an integrated Islamic cultural fabric as if a miniature world had come together. in Mecca. People are setting the best example of solidarity and love, visiting each other in hotels. This is a divine gift after a full month of prayer and fasting,” he said. He added that some of these hotels have made efforts to decorate their lobbies to add a celebratory feel and allow pilgrims to celebrate an unforgettable Eid with loved ones. These hotels are mainly located in central locations, around the Grand Mosque, and parts of Misfalah, Ajyad, and the tunnels of Mahbas Al-Jin and Aziziyah. Al-Qurashi added that Aziziyah is the destination of choice for GCC and Turkish pilgrims, who wish to shop in Makkah malls as there are various international brands. Makkah shops are witnessing a revival of interest and trade after a drop in sales during the Covid-19 pandemic Several shops have seen extraordinary visitor numbers this year, with many opening their doors late into the night to cater to the demands of pilgrims in Makkah. One of the managers of a hotel in the central area, Fadel Manqal, p said that everyone is working day and night to serve pilgrims and provide everything they need for a pleasant stay.”Staff strive to speak to visitors in their native language whenever possible, to make the experience more pleasant for guests. Every nation has its own vision when it comes to clothing and some of them strive to buy it from Makkah, a memory that stays with them for a lifetime ,” he said. He said that pilgrims try to wear the garments and visit cultural sites in Saudi Arabia to get their memories engraved in the book of their eternal life. It added that Makkah has around 1,400 hotels that help enhance the hospitality experience for visitors who come from all continents with different cultures, education and lifestyles. hotel employees are aware of the diversity of their guests and strive to satisfy all visitor needs. He said the quality of service must reflect the sophistication and openness that Saudi Arabia is now experiencing. Hotels must actively participate in organizing and preparing inspiring experiences to ensure guests enjoy an unforgettable Eid, especially if they spend time away from family and relatives.”We all aim to leave a distinctive mark and enrich the cultural experience to enable pilgrims from all countries to feel the joy of Eid Al-Fitr here,” he said.READ ALSO: News Updates

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