Elon Musk will collect Apple's commission from users, while turning Twitter headquarters into a hotel for employees

Elon Musk continues to impose his stamp on Twitter. The authorities don’t like the way he does things, and there are already several investigations underway.

The BBC has published images sent by employees where you can see how Twitter’s headquarters has become a kind of hotel , with beds and clothes closets . It has also been leaked that tomorrow Twitter will raise the price of Twitter Blue to Apple users , to charge them the commission of the App Store. A few weeks ago, the photo of a Twitter employee sleeping on a mattress on the floor went viral. . Now it seems that they can be a little more comfortable. As explained by several anonymous employees who have sent photos to the BBC, the headquarters of Twitter in San Francisco has converted several conference rooms into a kind of hotel, with beds and nightstands , as well as closets to store clothes . Some employees also sleep in armchairs: According to these employees, the beds are used by both Twitter workers who work long hours and practically live there, as well as workers from Tesla and other Musk companies , who have come to lend a hand at Twitter. The problem, once again, is that Elon Musk imposes his own rules, regardless of the law. There is a regulation that prevents corporate buildings from organizing rooms for services unrelated to their own work , such as beds and wardrobes. According to the BBC, Patrick Hannan, an official with the Department of Building Inspection, told the San Francisco Chronicle that all complaints are being investigated and that there are different standards for buildings offices, even for those used for short-term stays. Another Elon Musk company, Neuralink, is also being investigated for animal abuse. According to a leaked report, up to 1,500 monkeys, sheep and pigs would have died in the experiments carried out with the chips that Elon Musk wants to implant in our brains .Twitter Blue users will pay Apple feeIn another order of things, today the new prices of Twitter Blue have been leaked, the Twitter payment service, which was stopped last month due to the chaos that was organized when Twitter gave free account verification without verifying identities , to everyone who subscribed. The social network plans to resume the service tomorrow, with news such as the gold and gray check marks . But according to The Information, the prices will not be the same for everyone .According to internal sources, Twitter Blue will cost $7 per month for web users, and $11 per month for iPhone, iPad app users and Mac.In this way, Twitter will charge users the 30% commission set by Apple for all apps in the App Store.
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A strange decision, considering that recently

Apple has changed its mind , confirming that is once again a Twitter advertiser , investing 100 million dollars a year in advertising.But Twitter’s revenues are rock bottom, and she can’t afford to pay Apple’s commission herself. The Twitter headquarters converted into hotel , with beds and wardrobes , and the charging of Apple’s commission to users of Twitter Blue , are two other controversial episodes in Elon Musk’s Twitter fight for survival. We’ll see where they take us.


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