Eslite Travel “Countdown|Christmas Time” to accompany tourists warmly from Christmas to New Year's Eve

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2022/11/30 18: 16

Eslite Travel this year launched “Countdown|Christmas Time” inspired by the Christmas countdown calendar. Welcome to Visitors feel the warm Christmas time through the power of words. (Provided by Eslite Travel)

[Reporter Zhou Xingrui/Taipei Report] The warm Christmas season is coming, eslite hotel sincerely Inspired by the Christmas countdown calendar this year, Pin Travel launched “Countdown|Christmas Time”, and welcomes visiting travelers to experience the warm Christmas season through the power of words. The restaurants in the museum will simultaneously launch limited dishes for a limited time from 12/24 to 31: The restaurant In Between presents a 5-course delicacy of “Shaoguang Christmas New Year’s Eve Set Menu” for travelers, 2,580 yuan 10% per person; The Chapter Café restaurant offers Choose 4 “Time Christmas New Year’s Eve Set Menus” with a selection of sea and land main dishes, each set starts at 1,080 yuan 10%; on the night of 12/31, the restaurant between In Between will launch “Bright and Happy Night|New Year’s Eve Party”, 1,800 yuan per person, invite travelers to count down together to welcome the bright 2023.

Eslite Travel’s The Chapter Cafe restaurant offers optional 4 “Time Christmas New Year’s Eve Set Menu” with a selection of sea and land main dishes. (Provided by Eslite hotel)

The annual Christmas decoration is one of the most anticipated winter scenery for travelers, eslite hotel According to the traveler, this year the museum is inspired by the German countdown calendar with a long history, and transforms the Bible stories or chapter quotations attached to the Advent countdown calendar into words of wisdom that soothe the hearts of travelers, and through Chen Wenjing, the chief florist of the hotel, extended this concept with bright and transparent Christmas decoration balls carrying famous quotes and quotes, adorning every corner of the bookstore in the lobby of The Lounge. There are also confused elk woven with woolen hesitation in the green Christmas maze, slowly moving forward following the guidance of the Christmas tree’s starlight, becoming the visual focus of the bookstore in the hall, symbolizing that travelers overcome the difficulties in the journey and move towards a new beauty future. The transparent glass jar on the side is full of small scrolls of the wisdom of the predecessors, continuing the Christmas countdown calendar ingenuity of “reading once a day, thinking once a day”, inviting visiting travelers to draw out their own year-end spiritual whispers . In addition, Eslite Travel will also publish the famous quotes of the day on the social platform every day, so that travelers who cannot visit the bookstore in the hall can read together remotely and look forward to the coming of Christmas together.

Eslite Travel’s In Between restaurant presents for travelers “Shaoguang Christmas New Year’s Eve Set Menu” 5-course delicacies. (Provided by Eslite Travel)

For this year’s Christmas dinner, In Between on the 2nd floor with a beautiful view of the city Between 12/24 and 31 noon, the restaurant will launch the “Shaoguang Christmas New Year’s Eve Set Menu”, 2,580 yuan 10% per person. The 5-course set menu includes two appetizers, soup, main course, dessert and For drinks, add 700 yuan to enjoy half a charcoal-grilled Boston lobster. The Chapter Café on the first floor welcomes the unique ecological greenery and starry night of Songshan Cultural and Creative Park through large floor-to-ceiling windows, showing a natural and casual atmosphere. During the lunch and dinner period from 12/24 to 31, it will also launch “Time Christmas Transition” Annual Set Menu”, starting from RMB 1,080 10% per set, the 4-course set includes appetizer, soup, main course, dessert and drink.

From 22:00 pm on 12/31 to 1:00 am the next day, the restaurant between In Between will be fully open to launch “Bright and Happy Night|New Year’s Eve Party”. The ticket price is 1,800 yuan per person , a variety of appetizers will be provided on site, including Italian-style salami martini skewers, Hong Kong-style char siu crisps, Spanish-style seafood baked eggs, golden cheese tuna salad croissants, Hungarian spice fried crispy chicken, etc. World-style food, unlimited drinks with a variety of drinks, and specially invited “Tonie Orchestra” who has been invited to perform in Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Middle East countries and other places to stir up the atmosphere of the New Year’s Eve party, bringing travelers a wonderful New Year’s countdown party. For details, please refer to the official website of Eslite Travel:

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