European Medicines Agency does not want an “erotic center” next to headquarters in Amsterdam

Image of the Red Light District in Amsterdam The European Medicines Agency (EMA) does not want an “erotic center” near its headquarters in Amsterdam. “The sex complex will endanger the safety of employees and visitors,” the EMA said. If it depends on the European Medicines Agency, there will be no brothel next to the headquarters in Amsterdam. However, the municipality of Amsterdam did have plans to plant the erotic center there. Two of the three possible locations are virtually adjacent to the agency’s headquarters. The EMA fears nuisance, drug trafficking, drunkenness and misconduct. EMA stands for the European Medicines Agency, an agency of the European Union responsible for the evaluation and surveillance of medicines for human use in Europe. The EMA is based in Amsterdam and has more than 900 employees from all EU Member States. Not in my backyard It has been known for some time that Amsterdam wants to relocate the sex workers now working in De Wallen, the notorious prostitution area in the oldest part of Amsterdam. According to the Amsterdam city council, the situation in the city center has become unsustainable. The Amsterdam city council therefore came up with a proposal to replace the Red Light District with a “brand new erotic center”. The building would have more than 100 rooms for sex workers, and several cafes and dining establishments could be accommodated. The big problem: no one wants such a complex in their backyard. The Red Light District, where the sex workers are now active, is plagued by nuisance and crime. Male fears that pass away problems will move along with the erotic center. Initially, the city council had eight possible locations in mind, but many residents immediately announced that they would oppose the pass away decision. In the end, three possible locations now remain, two of which are near the EMA headquarters. Safety of the staff The sex workers themselves are not keen on the big move either. They don’t want to leave their familiar surroundings in the historic center behind. However, according to the municipality, the move is inevitable. “Sex work is part of Amsterdam and will never disappear,” says the mayor of Amsterdam, Femke Halsema. “The quality of life for residents in the city center has been under pressure for years due to the flow of tourists who misbehave and cause nuisance.” But if it depends on the EMA, the erotic center does not come close to the headquarters in Amsterdam. The company fears for the safety of its employees. “The move from De Wallen to another location was prompted by concerns about nuisance and crime. If the erotic center is located near the EMA building, this will probably have the same negative consequences for the surrounding area,” it sounds. It. The company now hopes for appropriate political and diplomatic action. source

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