Exclusive video: Bors visited Cristiano Ronaldo's luxury home in Saudi Arabia

Cristiano Ronaldo signed a contract with Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia for two and a half years at the beginning of January. The five-time Ballon d’Or footballer and his family were accommodated on the 97-98 floor of the Sky Bridge Kingdom Tower in Riyadh, they live in the royal suite. Bors found out that on those two floors only the elevator stops for Ronaldo and his family

, the average person cannot get in because there is no button option 97 and 98. Ronaldo and his family are transported by another, separate elevator. Our colleague got off on the 99th floor, but he could practically see the same panorama that welcomes the world star every day.

Another interesting thing is if Ronaldo decides to if you want to have dinner on the Sky Bridge, they will immediately bring you a table and chairs, because there is no separate restaurant in principle. At that time, that part will be closed to visitors, everything will be done to ensure that the Portuguese class and their families can enjoy the exclusive service calmly and undisturbed.

The al-Nasszr we also visited his gift shop. It is interesting that you can only buy two types of jerseys: plain, unnamed, and one with Ronaldo’s name on it. we can only get it if we order it separately. The shirt with the inscription Ronaldo costs HUF 13,000 more than the plain tops.

Outside the stadium no Ronaldo madness to say the least. The Portuguese player’s poster and picture have not yet been put up on the walls – on the contrary, with those of other Al-Nassr players. Our colleague also learned that the local residents were less affected Ronaldo’s arrival Most people heard that he signed with al-Nassr, but not his presence causes mass hysteria.


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