EXCLUSIVE VIDEO | The head of the ISC reveals the irregularities discovered at the constructions in Năvodari. 25% of the work on the checked hotels and blocks has been stopped

The basic inspector of the State Construction Inspectorate (ISC), Paul Racoviță, detailed, in an interview with GANDUL EXCLUSIV, the stage of the large-scale investigation regarding the investments in Năvodari, ordered by the Control Body of the prime minister, after a series of irregularities in the public space. The report is being finalized, and the head of the ISC does not leave out that in the future the southern area of ​​the coast, where he says that the big developers have started to move, will also be checked.

The thematic control of construction inspectors targeted objects– hotels, apartment blocks, aparthotels– in the resort of Năvodari, such an orgasm is stipulated by law, north of Mamaia.

The local press

wrote, last spring, that all the buildings that were authorized and were under construction in the Mamaia Nord area are checked by a team by specialists from the State Construction Inspectorate. It happened less than a month after the National Environmental Guard announced that 98% of the construction sites on the Black Sea coast, checked as part of an inspection ordered by the General Commissariat, do not comply with environmental legislation.

Moreover, the local press recalled, in April 2021, in a fire that affected the facade of a new building, the Constanta firefighters could not intervene as per the book to locate and extinguish it, due to the chaotically built, cramped buildings and the lack of space-bar. The ISU representatives reported that the special vehicles could not intervene from the front, but remained behind the construction, the firemen having to carry the extinguishing equipment on foot.

Hundreds of sanctions for quality in construction in Năvodari

The head of the ISC specified that the inspectors controlled 200 construction targets under execution, where irregularities were found enough to give 300 sanctions.

I web about finished the quality part at what meant execution on targets at least four floors up , not having the ability to deal with absolutely kid what it means. There were somewhere around 200 targets in progress checked– hotel, apartment building, aparthotel from four stories up. On nearly 200 targets, nearly 300 sanctions were applied in execution alone. It doesn’t mean that everything is catastrophic, maybe he didn’t have managers, maybe he didn’t draw up the documents “, stated the head of the ISC, the specialized technical body that exercises state control in the field of constructions.

According to Paul Racoviță, the control activity in the execution stage has been completed, but the one aimed at the evaluation of building authorizations has remained a little behind, this and from the cause of “the overall insufficient number of architects that the institution has”.

At the end of last year, the basic inspector drew attention to the severe lack of individual, especially on to the shortage of architects

, which were 20, throughout the country. In addition, Paul Racoviță declared at GANDUL EXCLUSIV that ISC staff cannot ensure presence on all construction sites

in the country.

“ Nearly 30 items checked, meaning actual builds. We are at these 30, at over 80 control documents, that means certificate, one, two, three authorizations, it depends on how many each had. Of the 28 objects, there are almost 30 sanctions given for issuing in violation of the legal provisions”, detailed Paul Racoviță.

Illegal construction permits in Mamaia Nord- Năvodari

According to the statistics of the State Construction Inspectorate, until now, following controls in the northern area of ​​the coast, 36 contraventional sanctions have been given to the persons responsible for issuing authorizations , in an amount of 224,000 lei.

In the case of 11 investment objectives, it was found that 17 authorizations were issued in violation of the legal provisions.

Asked if, considering that the issuance of authorizations is the attribute of the location authorities, these were issued without the beneficiaries having all the documents in order, Paul Racoviță presented minor situations or at the limit of these regulations.

And here is a big discussion and we can frame these non-conformities on the issuance of authorizations in three large areas: an approval is missing, the application is not completed, I do not have the approval from the National Agency for Cadastre and Real Estate Advertising (ANCPI), the extract is up to date, it is not a catastrophe, we cannot say: “That house is sitting there”.

There are still matters at the limit. We have a case that we will treat with understanding: the regulation says 20 meters of street frontage of the plot, eh, that man is 19.80 or so, we’re talking about 10 centimeters, right?”, explained Paul Racoviță.

” M are the developers of s e move to Neptun, Olimp, a let’s go there too”

The basic inspector of the ISC spoke and “more or less correct interpretations of the public administration” in issuing building permits, which will be included in the final report, which is currently being drawn up.

Moreover, the management of the ISC submitted approximately 15 documents to the Institution of the Prefect of Constanța County to be challenged in the court of law. we are talking about normal things, he went, asked for a permit, it was given to him like this -, that he was not asked for the approval, that he did not respect the urban planning documentation, until then we must also take the presumption of innocence, why should a beneficiary of these authorizations be responsible?”, said Paul Racoviță.

In the segment of quality control in constructions, in Năvodari they were ordered to 55 investment objectives measure to stop the works, until remediation.

“It is about 25% of the total controlled”, stated the chief inspector of the ISC regarding the control in Năvodari, one of the most expensive areas of the Romanian coast.

There are other areas of interest, I see that they are moving on the southern side, the big developers, at Neptun, at Olimp, kid like that, with documentation, and we will probably end up looking at these things as well “, said Paul Racoviță.

Thousands of fines on construction sites where rules are broken

The activity report for 2022, made available by the head of the State Construction Inspectorate, shows that out of the total of over 69,500 acts vities, ISC inspectors found over 13,000 deficiencies – of varying degrees of severity -, ordered over 12,700 measures and applied over 2,300 contraventional sanctions, with a value of over 22 million lei.

The report shows that, throughout the country, 378 inspectors were working with information control duties as of December 31, 2022, so the average was 178 activities for each of them last year.

Broken down, in the category control activity in execution , there were almost 15,600 controls last year, in which more than 7,300 deficiencies were found and they ordered so many measures, almost 2,000 contraventional sanctions, in the amount of almost 19 million lei.

Separately, in the subcategory the control regarding the authorization of the execution of construction works, more than 2,100 checks were carried out, following which almost 2,000 deficiencies were found, more than 1,600 were ordered of measures and 228 contraventional sanctions were applied, amounting to approximately 1.25 million lei.

Watch the essential interview:


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