Expensive electricity hits gastronomy. Restaurants in Amsterdam have introduced an “energy fee”

2022-10-2210: 00 publication 2022-10-2210: 00 fot. Anton Havelaar // Shutterstock Some restaurants in Amsterdam have introduced a special energy surcharge, informs the daily “De Telegraaf”. As Oskar Heijdelberg, co-owner of the Spaghetteria restaurant chain, explains, the customer should know how much energy costs restaurateurs. some restaurant owners in the capital of the Netherlands decided to raise prices, while some of them add a special fee to the rising prices of gas and electricity, according to the newspaper’s findings. “It was not an easy decision, but it is necessary” – explained De Telegraaf “Heijdelberg, who introduced an” energy surcharge “of 1.5 euros in 14 restaurants he co-owns. “As soon as energy prices return to normal levels, we will abolish measure 10 immediately,” declares the restaurateur. “The Dutch accept the price increase in the supermarket more than in the catering industry,” says Dirk Beljaarts, director of Koninklijke Horeca Nederland (KHN), the organization of the Dutch food industry. , quoted in the journal. In his opinion, such an addition helps to make guests aware that expensive energy also affects prices in restaurants. From Amsterdam Andrzej Pawluszek Source: PAP Leased BMW 5 Series 106% With a guarantee of a fixed leasing cost. Related: Energy Crisis The Netherlands Will Maintain Gas and Electricity Limitation Only in 2023 The energy price limit that will enter into force in the Netherlands in 2023 is temporary and will not apply in 2024, Dutch Finance Minister Sigrid said on Tuesday through its spokesperson Kaag. “PiS has nothing to fear.” The issue of Russian coal imports and Falenty testimonies returns. The allegations of the weekly “Sieci” have nothing to do with reality, because under Donald Tusk, Russian coal imports decreased, PO spokesman Jan Grabiec told PAP in response to SP politicians. In his opinion, the publicity of the publication results from the fact that PiS “has something to fear” in this matter. Electricity most expensive in Denmark and Belgium, and cheapest in the Netherlands and Hungary [Eurostat] In the first half of 2022, the most expensive electricity had to be paid in Denmark, Belgium, Germany and Italy; the cheapest was in the Netherlands, Hungary, Bulgaria and Malta, according to Eurostat data. Recommended for Opel with faulty brakes. In Poland, over 12 thousand. cars with a fault Opel with faulty brakes. In Poland, over 12 thousand. cars with a fault Opel with faulty brakes. In Poland, over 12 thousand. cars with a fault Opel with faulty brakes. In Poland, over 12 thousand. cars with a defect Long-term car rental as a recipe for market problems? A new record has just been broken. Check who your bank belongs to. Transfer to the wrong account number. What to do? Gifts that won’t lose their value. We check the prices of toys from the old days. How much does it cost to withdraw from an ATM? Sometimes even a few hundred zlotys How much do teachers earn? In September, their salaries will go up to PLN 300 for a layette – step by step. How to apply for 300 ? Tourist voucher. How to get PLN 500 for a holiday for a child? 50 most popular fields of vocational education in Poland. Dictionary of a true investor. What card should I pay abroad with to make it cheaper? Latest Brazil has frozen. President Bolsonaro has not said if he recognizes the WSJ election results: Saudi Arabia warns against Iran’s impending attack Turkey as a mediator. Erdogan is sure that the grain export agreement will be resumed Exit survey: the parliamentary elections in Denmark are won by social democracy, but there is no majority Ukraine warns: Iran wants to hand over another batch of drones and rockets to Russia. Brazil on the brink. The outgoing Bolsonaro is to make an election statement for 20 years of the Agro Planty Farm trials. The prosecutor’s office filed a cassation appeal against both judgments. Cremation in France is 30 percent more expensive. Due to the increase in energy prices, the Netherlands will maintain the limitation of gas and electricity prices only in 2023 UN: three grain ships left Ukrainian ports Visiting Wawel in November will be free again The labor market is defending itself against a slowdown. In these industries, there is no shortage of offers for Parking fee in the capital city. From Wednesday, another operator will join New rules for the liquidation of graves. Amendment to the law on cemeteries Dutch investors fear the future and recession. The most popular ever PopularThe indicator will only call the debtor to 17? Big changes in regulations are coming; the industry has considerable doubts Analysts comment on record inflation in Poland Inflation has approached 18% – a new record for a quarter of a century, Musk makes you pay for Twitter. But not all Putin has a few doubles. Details are revealed by the head of the Ukrainian intelligence Vice-president of the NBP on single-digit inflation. “Increases in interest rates helped”. Atomic pump at ZE PAK. “Golden Autumn” on the WSE Slaughter of small companies. Much will not survive this year and the winter New apartments are selling worse and worse. In 6 major Polish cities, a decrease of 30 percent. Kdk ZE PAK terminates the nuclear power cooperation agreement “PiS has nothing to fear”. The issue of the import of Russian coal and the Falenty testimony is back. Fallen dresses for godly women. Marie Zélie goes bankrupt Gas in Europe cheaper on Monday by more than 12 percent. A Russian rocket hit Moldova. The goal was Ukraine. Autumn stagnation in mortgages – margins are standing still, but still more expensive

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