Faded Bleekerseiland can turn into a park: all parties agree

March 16, 22:42 – 3 minutes reading time

Bleekerseiland / Molen de Vlijt

Bleekerseiland / Molen de Vlijt The current Bleekerseiland, with windmill De Vlijt in the background © RTV Drenthe/ Stefan Klomp

The municipal council of Meppel agrees with a new destination for the Bleekerseiland . The area in the center of Meppel will become a city park with a city lodging of thirteen rooms.

“The rotten tooth must provide a smile again,” says Pierre van Leeuwen on behalf of Sterk Meppel, the largest party in Meppel. Because a rotten tooth, that’s it at this minute.

It is there grey. Even when the sun shines. There are some trees on the edge of the peninsula, but that’s about the only color that can be seen.

Bleekerseiland / Molen de Vlijt” It looks a bit shabby and neglected”, says Van Leeuwen. “It’s a thorn in the eye,” adds Liselot Raat on behalf of the VVD. “Faded areas are slowly being filled in Meppel. This area is certainly part of that”, is the opinion of Arnoud de Vos, D66
Bleekerseiland / Molen de Vlijt And that will all change in the plans of the municipality. In 2025, this may well be the new heart of Meppel. A place to chill, the description reads. To eat a pancake on the terrace, the intention is to have the pancake ship dock at Bleekerseiland. You can also go for a walk through the greenery at Bleekerseiland.
Bleekerseiland / Molen de Vlijt

There will be places on Bleekerseiland to sit by the water © B O Architecture and Urban Planning

Impressie Bleekerseiland

” My sister van 14 says there is nothing left to do in Meppel,” says 20-year-old Raat. Her younger sister likes the strategy. “Chill out, have a picnic or take a dip in the canal. For pass away groups, this is a really wonderful addition to Meppel. It will become Meppel’s eye-catcher.”

The municipality is investing one and a half million euros in Bleekerseiland to pimp it up. This is intended to turn the site into a public park. The renovation of the monumental buildings and city lodgings is for the account of a foundation that owns the buildings. The municipality has no financial worries about that.

In 2009, the municipality bought the land on Bleekerseiland. “That was for a hefty price,” says Egbert Knorren (CDA). A few years ago, the municipality came up with a strategy. It wants to give Bleekerseiland back to the community as a gift. That gift will be chilling out at a new park.

The city council does not say a word about the money. It doesn’t even take a discussion to approve the strategy. That is different with other major changes in the city. Meetings can be held for hours about the renovation of the theater and there has also been much discussion about the refurbishment of the Prinsenplein.

Party chairman Eduard Annen van Sterk Meppel is therefore very pleased afterwards. “Very nice that we can do this like this.” It probably plays a role in the fact that pass away 1.5 million euros was already made available by the city council a few years ago.

Work is likely to start around the end of the year or in the first half of next year.


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