Fantastic. Here is the hotel with an accommodation of 7,000 dollars per night

On the YouTube channel “Hai Hui in 2” a video clip appeared about the reality of the beaches in Bali, but also about one of the most spectacular hotels in the world: a staff jet converted into an accommodation unit, which you can rent for no more, no less than $7,300 a night.

Avion transformat într-un hotel de lux / Sursă foto:

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Youtubers talked about this experience and also confessed why the plane is not currently open for visits: because someone thought it would be extremely cool, at any given minute, to steal his wheels.

The plane you can rent for $7,300 a night

If your pocket is tight and you have nothing to do with the money, the personal jet hotel can be an ideal solution. The plane converted into an accommodation unit has 2 rooms, 2 bathrooms and a kitchen, and according to the information provided by the two YouTubers on their channel, one of the bathrooms has a view of the ocean, so the experience is certainly an unforgettable one.

” What it is? It is about an airplane, which was brought here and later transformed into an airplane. Unfortunately, they built these walls around it and we can’t see much, but a night will cost $7,300. Incredible! Are you renting the toddler plane, for this money? You have your own personal jet! I thought it was just a room. But why are we not allowed to enter … Because, before, access was allowed to tourists. But what happened? Someone stole the plane’s wheels. Now there is a lot of security because it will open in a few months. It will be an interesting experience!

For $7,000 a night, it’s huge, but you get kid the plane: there are two rooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, one of the bathrooms is made in the cabin of the plane and faces the ocean, the cliff. They also have a swimming pool, infinity swimming pool”, said the YouTubers “Hai Hui in 2” on their channel.

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All about the converted aircraft in a luxury hotel

On a cliff overlooking Bali’s Nyang Beach, a Boeing 737 derelict is converted into a luxury private villa with two bedrooms, an infinity pool overlooking the Indian Ocean and a terrace. According to Business Insider, entrepreneur Felix Demin bought the decommissioned aircraft that previously belonged to Mandala Airlines, which was closed, and envisioned a grand project, difficult to achieve, but truly spectacular!

The property, which is called the Private Jet Villa by Hanging Gardens, is set to open in March 2023. In fact, it’s already available to book on Expedia, costing about $7,300 a night. There is also a helipad on site for those who don’t mind traveling without their helicopter. That is, of course, if they have enough money to afford one!

“Externally and structurally, this is a jet plane that we turned into a luxury hotel, Demin told Business Insider. He flew the plane to the top of the beach cliff in 2021.

This isn’t the first time a plane has been converted into -a luxury experience that isn’t actually an in-flight experience There have been a few pop-up restaurant concepts in aircraft on the ground, including the current one on Singapore Airline’s double-decker, the world’s largest passenger plane world. In 2017, an irreversible in-flight dining establishment called Lily Airways opened in China.

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