Fell two stories down, then survived 32 hours under the rubble with 12 olive trees


Devastating earthquake in southern Turkey early Monday morning in Hataj, he found Juksel Ergit, who arrived here on an official visit. The hotel where he was staying collapsed. , and Ergit was rescued after 32 hours spent under the rubble and is currently hospitalized in Bilkent City Hospital in Ankara. In during the interview for Anatolia, Ergit recalled the night of the earthquake, saying that at the first moment he hid under the table in the hotel room. “From I fell two floors down from the room I was staying in. A metal part of the table was stuck in my hand, and on top of me was a two-seater, on which there were other pieces of debris. In that state I waited for rescue. For the first time in my life, I felt such an earthquake,” said Ergit. Ergit said that he heard the voices of some others. survivors, so he established contact with them. As he said, they shouted to each other as much as possible, because of fear and pain from injuries, and he told his interlocutors that someone will definitely come to save them. In as he said, his father and work colleagues who came from Ankara to help the rescuers participated in his rescue operation.

Twelve Olives

„ In the ruins I was in, I had a poor overview of the situation. I didn’t know if it was day or night. I felt as if I had been trapped there for 10 days. Trying to push the bricks around me with my elbow, I felt a plastic bag, I pulled it and saw that there were exactly 12 olives in it. ate, one by one. Thirty-two hours later I was pulled out from under the rubble,” ex Ergit said. knew that his son was there. „ His rescue is a miracle. Allah gave me my son for the second time, the first time when he was born, and now that he is saved. May Allah grant patience and mercy to our people and preserve our country,” he said. More than 24,000 people are died and tens of thousands were injured in the catastrophic earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria on Monday, official sources of the two countries announced, and CNN reported.

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