Ferry Irawan's forehead pressed against his nose, Venna Melinda: Please don't, it's broken

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com– Reported her husband, Ferry Irawan for alleged domestic violence (KDRT) artist Venna Melinda revealed how Ferry made his nose bleed.

Accompanied by his attorney, Hotman Paris at the East Java Regional Police Headquarters , Venna recounted the incident at a hotel in Kediri, East Java on Sunday (8/1/2023).

” How come it bleeds?” asked Hotman quoted from YouTube Tribun Jatim Official.

” Held, I was locked use his forehead to his nose until it is hard,” said Venna.

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Venna further described the pain she felt when Ferry pressed her nose with her forehead.

” Until I said ‘help, please, my nose is broken,’ because it was too loud,” said Venna.

” So I said ‘please, please don’t, it’s broken,’ when he heard me say it was broken, he let go. I stood up and immediately the blood was leaking like water,” added Venna.

Called Venna, Ferry, who masters silat, knows how to hurt his body without leaving marks.

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” He is a then he knows how to measure how to hurt without leaving a mark,” said Venna.

” He’s a martial artist, so he knows how to do without a mark, has it been three months since then?” asked Hotman to make sure and Venna answered with a nod of her head.


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