FIFA confirms death of migrant worker during World Cup

‘ A Tragedy’

FIFA has confirmed that during the World Cup in Qatar, a migrant worker has died. A Filipino worker is said to have died in an accident during repair work at the team hotel of the delegation from Saudi Arabia. “The World Football Association is deeply saddened by this tragedy,” said a spokesman.

The sports website The Athletic reported that, after which FIFA confirmed the news.

“Our thoughts and condolences go out to the family of this worker,” the FIFA spokesperson said. The football association said that it would not be able to comment further on the matter until more information is known.


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First 3, now suddenly 400: World Cup boss adjusts death toll of migrant workers

During the construction for the World Cup in Qatar, according to human rights organizations, numerous have died. The secretary-general of the organizing committee of the World Cup, Hassan Al Thawadi, recently spoke of several hundred deceased migrant workers.

Compensation Fund

A working group of the European football association UEFA, where the Dutch football association KNVB is part of, has argued for a compensation fund for the migrant workers.

How many people died in Qatar?

When it comes to deaths of migrant workers around the construction of stadiums for the World Cup, many numbers are doing the rounds . The Guardian concluded from research that 6500 migrant workers died between 2010 and 2020. This not only concerns construction workers, but also other migrant workers. The exact cause of death is unclear because Qatar does not register it.

Human rights organizations do not mention a concrete number, but speak of thousands of deaths that can be related to work for the World Cup. That is also the number that RTL Nieuws keeps in reporting. Qatar initially quoted the number as three dead. FIFA boss Infantino took over this unlikely number. Later on World Cup boss Al Thawadi spoke about 400 toddler 500 deaths.

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