French soldier found dead in a hotel in the Capital. He allegedly stabbed himself in the neck with a pair of scissors. PHOTO GALLERY

21-11-2022| 10: 00

A non-commissioned officer of the French Army of was found lifeless in a hotel room in the Capital. He had a wound in the neck area, most likely caused by a sharp object.



The case is being investigated by military prosecutors and Homicide officers, who found a pair of scissors on the victim’s abdomen.

Attention, the following are details that may affect you emotionally.

The bloody body of the French non-commissioned officer was discovered 20 minutes before noon, absolutely by chance. hotel security was immediately alerted. The Capital Police hastily sent a team of criminalists, and the case was taken over by military prosecutors.


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At the time he was found by a housekeeper in a room located on the 5th floor of the hotel, the French military man was lying on the bed. Stop breathing. The first investigators who entered the room closed from the inside claim that the soldier’s belongings were not ransacked and there were no other signs of violence.

Hundreds of French soldiers are now in Romania

Instead, the Frenchman had a scissors to the abdominal area. It is supposed to be the object that ended the days of the 41-year-old man. It is not yet known what unit

was a part of or why located in Bucharest.

During this period, the French army has deployed hundreds of soldiers in the NATO Battle Group at Cincu, but also in the anti-aircraft defense system at Cape Midia.

Ovidiu Oantă: “ The main working hypothesis for the Romanian military prosecutors, but also for the officers from the Homicide Service of the Capital Police, remains suicide. However, sources close to the French army claim that the investigation should not not to exclude the hypothesis of a criminal offense either“.

The images could be useful caught by the hotel’s surveillance cameras. But also the other six French soldiers

staying in the same place .

French soldiers complain of suffering from cold and from hunger in Romania

The phone of the dead soldier has already been taken over by the prosecutors to be computer searched, in search of possible conclusive evidence.

For now, no official of the French army in Romania has commented on the incident.

The non-commissioned officer’s death comes just a few days after the French minister of the armed forces visited the Cincu base where the Hexagon military is stationed.

Immediately after there were complaints about the camping conditions in Romania , and the scandal has now also reached the Paris Parliament.

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