French “spider-man” climbed a skyscraper in Barcelona: sent climate messages while crawling on the outer walls

The stuntman and climber, known as the “French Spider-Man” for his daring ascents, conquered another landmark building today after scaling a 166m skyscraper in Barcelona in a bid to raise awareness of climate change and drought. Alain Robert (60) crawled on the outer walls of the Melia Barcelona Sky hotel, which is covered in glass and steel, the fourth tallest building in the Spanish city, Reuters reported.

Photo: Thibault Camus/Tanjug/AP

Alen Robert

– I would like to convey a message about climate change and the problem of soil dehydration in Spain and for the government to solve it quickly – he said, after arriving on the roof. This action was not approved and the police kept him at the top. Spain is facing a prolonged drought, and parts of southern Europe are being affected by unusually warm temperatures that scientists say have been exacerbated by global warming.

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Photo: Thibault Camus/ Tanjug/AP

Allen Robert

Before the climb, Robert said that the structure of the building’s wall was “pretty aggressive” and half-jokingly added that he would also feel the consequences of climate change and drought due to heat. He climbed with only a bag of powdered chalk and climbing shoes to aid his ascent, and wrapped his fingers in climbing tape to prevent burns from the sun-warmed surface, despite the fact that today was a relatively balmy 23 degrees Celsius.

Dozens of observers gathered around the building to follow Robert in his endeavor, which lasted approximately half an hour. Robert started climbing in 1975 on the cliffs near his hometown of Valens. Two years later, he took on high-risk “solo” feats, climbing alone and without a rope or harness. Since then, he has climbed more than 150 buildings, including the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the Eiffel Tower
in Paris

and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.



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