“FT”: A Russian court ordered the seizure of a hotel belonging to an oligarch

A Russian court ordered the seizure of Oleg Deripaska’s luxury hotel Imeretinski in Sochi. As one of the few oligarchs, he criticizes the Kremlin for the invasion of Ukraine and calls it “madness”, according to the British daily “Financial Times” on Tuesday.

According to two people close to Deripaska , the Kremlin signaled to him several times that he “should calm down” and stop criticizing the war. The billionaire received his first warning in March when he tweeted: “We need peace as soon as possible.”

Many oligarchs are fundamentally opposed to the war, but only a handful have spoken out in this spirit publicly , the newspaper notes. Several of them admitted in an interview with “FEET” that they are afraid to publicly oppose the Kremlin, because it threatens retaliation – the daily reveals. says the court decision on Deripaska’s hotel came when the Kremlin once again ordered him to stop criticizing the invasion after the billionaire said in June that “the destruction of Ukraine would be colossal mistake”. Two weeks later created by Putin the tourist and education cluster Sirius, adjacent to the Deripaski hotel, brought charges against his company RogSibAl, which owns the Imieretinski hotel complex. A cluster is a cluster of related companies or research and development institutions with a specific profile, operating in a certain area. in practice meant that he owned the land where Imeretinski was located. The cluster accused Deripaski of breaching the terms of the lease, including by not building a marina Pictures from this area show anchored yachts in the nearby bay – emphasizes “FEET”.

The court decided that Sirius could take over the hotel , and all RogSibAl properties are subject to confiscation “The verdict against Deripaski’s company proves … how far the political fortunes of Russian oligarchs have deteriorated since the Kremlin increased state control of the economy to finance the war in Ukraine,” commented the British daily.


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