Fuji (1): Spiritual and artistic symbol


Fudži (1): Duhovni i umetnički simbol 1 Branko VasiljevićFudži (1): Duhovni i umetnički simbol 114092022 Fudži (1): Duhovni i umetnički simbol 110: 30Fudži (1): Duhovni i umetnički simbol 1Fudži (1): Duhovni i umetnički simbol 1

Fudži (1): Duhovni i umetnički simbol 1

Photo: Branko Vasiljević

The hotel in Tokyo was not surrounded by tall buildings, so I could, as an early riser, watch the sunrise.

The sky was transparent and the sun orb, which appeared on the horizon, it was clean, without glare.

When it bounced off, the sun became bright red– on the white background of the sky– the symbol of the “Land of the Rising Sun”.

To the original inhabitants of Japan, the sun was the supreme god. Even today, the sunrise cult is observed, especially on the sacred Mount Fuji, so pilgrims– “seeking spiritual strength from the gods and Buddhas who live there “– they climb to its peak at night, in order to see the “Holy Light” in the morning”.

Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan, the spiritual symbol of the nation and the constant inspiration of artists.

Because it is a volcano, the Shinto religion considers it a deity, because it has a harmonious conical shape with the top constantly covered with snow, in contrast with the bluish body and the base covered with greenery.

Animal lakes should also be added to that at the foot and the inevitable accompanying scenography of tea fields and temples with high gates (tori) and broken roofs.

And cherry blossoms.

) They say that Fuji is more beautiful from afar than when the visitor is on it.

This is probably true, but it does not diminish the desire to visit it. After all, anyone who sees it in its entirety can be considered lucky, because it is constantly obscured by fog and clouds.

I didn’t see it from Tokyo, which is a hundred kilometers away, and not even close from the high-speed Shinkansen. train, which I used to travel several times from Tokyo to Osaka.

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