Gabriel Escarrer Jaume “We will bring this positive impact in many destinations”


Gabriel Jaume Escarrer, CEO Meliá Hotels International shares his vision for his household hotel group. CSR is at the heart of the business and is main to its long-lasting advancement and development.

Meliá’s DNA, a method to bring in and maintain skills

It is undoubtedly a must; individuals require to be shown in the business for which they work. There should be a marital relationship. Sharing the worths and dedication relating to ESG makes a distinction in my viewpoint.

Nowadays, as it is so challenging to draw in skilled individuals, it is extremely essential to provide a clear message. To make them selected Meliá rather of dealing with another person. Our worths are lined up with a clear dedication to ecological, social, and business governance and they make the distinction.

since you are touching the heart of your consumers.

Being a leader in numerous locations suggests excellent obligations

We have actually seen what the tourist market has actually produced, not just in Mallorca however all over in Spain in regards to social and financial advancement. We wish to theorize this favorable effect in lots of locations. We have actually been leaders, opening locations all over. We were the leaders in Spain, in the Mediterranean ring, all over the Caribbean, and likewise in Southeast Asia.

These are the places where we wish to focus our efforts in regards to advancement. 80% of our portfolio remains in these 3 locations that focus around 92% of the locations where individuals wish to choose vacations.

It is really crucial to be extremely considerate, from the start, of the regional culture and of the regional neighborhood. We attempt to bring the very best of the tourist market to these locations. Beyond just offering fundamental setups, we likewise assist in a manner that advantages these neighborhoods. They have actually grown or have actually established over all these years thanks to what tourist has actually given the location. It is something of which we are truly happy.

For the fully grown locations, interacting with the regional neighborhood and public federal government offers lots of possibilities to go to the next phase and make certain that these locations are competitive for the next 20 years.

The strong worth of hotel management

If you take a look at our pipeline, you will see that the majority of it originates from family-owned business. Sharing the exact same worths and this long-lasting view makes the distinction. It is for that reason extremely essential to acquire the trust of the owners. Sustainability begins with the bottom line. I require to provide the outcomes, however that is insufficient. Sharing this long-lasting view and this dedication towards ESG has actually assisted us a lot to end up being a really professionalised business and get the trust of the owners that are lined up with the worths of Meliá.

This has actually been a clear competitive benefit compared to other gamers. They have actually done an excellent task, however they can not provide to these owners this household dedication and this long-lasting view.

Covid has actually been the most disruptive occasion that the business has actually dealt with over the last 67 years. We ended up more powerful than ever. This is thanks to what we have actually done together with the investors and the modifications made through digitalisation and ESG. Our efforts to bring the most skilled individuals in the market to deal with us has actually assisted us to grow more than ever.

Prior to Covid, we included approximately 25 homes each year, i.e. an opening every 2 weeks. In 2015, we wound up opening 32 residential or commercial properties. This is what you ought to anticipate from Meliá in the coming years.

Leisure is at the heart of the business

In my viewpoint, this is among our business’s primary benefits. Taking the top 30 business worldwide, we are the just one that began as a resort hotel business. We wish to enhance this management worldwide to overall 80% of our portfolio. The other 20% will be concentrated on primary capital cities with a strong leisure part.

Other gamers are more powerful than us as concerns business travel and I make certain they will do far better than ourselves. I think there is a chance to contend in leisure travel for primary capital cities. Meliá might be a fantastic alternative as we have actually theorized our understanding of having a visitor remain in among our resorts for an entire week. That indicates attempting to innovate the entire time in regards to food, drink, health club, conferences, and occasions. All this understanding in regards to development can be theorized in those cities. I believe that there is a specific niche that really couple of gamers are taking a look at, and we want to be leaders because specific niche.

The brand-new brand name Zel

Rafael Nadal and I understand each other extremely well, our households are pals too. A year and 2 months earlier, we were having lunch together and while having coffee, we were discussing what makes our vacations various. And our visions were effectively lined up. We for that reason chose to produce a brand name together. It’s the only brand name amongst the Meliá portfolio that is owned 50% by Meliá, the other 50% being owned by Rafael Nadal.

We discovered that there is specific niche in the market that nobody else is covering. We want to bring this Mediterranean flavour to a fresh compset. The majority of the hotels of the Zel brand name will remain in primary resort locations. We will provide 4 plus classification residential or commercial properties with a great deal of life. We do not desire uninteresting hotels where you question upon your arrival where to go to have supper or lunch. That location to be is going to be Zel hotel. We have actually seen a substantial cravings for the brand name amongst a great deal of financiers. We wish to bring this fresh principle to the Mediterranean ring however likewise to Southeast Asia and the Caribbean.

A relocation towards a more exceptional portfolio

Currently, about 62% of our portfolio remains in the premium classification. In our pipeline, we have 62 hotels, more than 80% of them remain in the premium classification. I think this is where the capacity is. We wish to eliminate this understanding of product through offering spaces or spaces and breakfast. We wish to offer experiences. Experiences associated with the location where you are developed. At the end of the day, in my viewpoint, this is what makes the distinction since you are touching the heart of your consumers.

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