Ganjar Volunteers Bridge the Interests of Workers and Entrepreneurs – News, Jakarta – Volunteer Rewards for Struggling Workers (GBB) Supporters Ganjar Pranowo hooked management and HRD companies and labor unions in the Industrial Relations Consultative Forum at the Ballroom of The Sidji hotel, Kel. Poncol, Kec. East Pekalongan, Pekalongan City, Central Java.

In the online forum for deliberations, the parties convey aspirations, ideas, and align them to mutually strengthen commercial relations in the future.

” Of course the forum was already underway and there were important notes. Good inspiration and ideas from both parties for how the concept of commercial relations can be applied in Indonesia even better ,” explained the General Chairperson of GBB, Lukman Hakim at the location, Friday (17/2). elements of commercial relations, namely employers, companies, workers or laborers, and labor unions.

According to him, the employment situation or commercial relations have been stagnant, for example, the wage problem often color the conflict between the two every gel ang the end of the year.

” So, with this online forum hopefully we can reduce conflicts, reduce unnecessary things so that from year to year we can carry out the industry well . Because the online forum for deliberation on commercial relations is intended to seek ideas for strengthening the national industry and workers’ welfare,” explained Lukman.

After conducting an online forum, GBB also initiated a training entitled “management awareness training K3” and gave certificates to workers at the Istana hotel, Kramatsari, West Pekalongan District, Pekalongan City.

Several trade unions and employers who attended this occasion included the SPN (Workers’ Union National), KSPN (Confederation of Archipelagic Trade Unions), SPSI (All Indonesian Workers Union) and Central Java Indonesian Employers’ Association (Apindo).

At the same moment, they also discussed laws and regulations -invitation (Perppu) number 2 of 2022 concerning job creation (ciptaker).

Chairperson of Apindo Central Java Frans Kongi said there are two main problems faced by entrepreneurs in Indonesia.First, bureaucratism and overlapping legislation Second a, there is a provision for severance pay which is regulated in UUK number 13 of 2003.

“In our opinion, the Perppu Cipta Kerja from the business world is very good, very industrial friendly. Can answer these problems, thereby creating a conducive atmosphere for investment,” explained Frans.

Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil and Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo took part in a morning exercise program with the community in the CFD Bandung area on Sunday (08/03/2020).

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