Gardens Havana and Ron Eminente came together in a unique event

Photo: Roberto Camejo. For the first time, Gardens Havana opened its doors to a comprehensive event dedicated to celebrating Cuban talent and creativity. During November 18 and 19, a large and select group of attendees gathered at the well-known Havana hotel shop to exchange contacts and experiences.

Photo: Roberto Camejo. The meeting, promoted as a perfect opportunity to encourage cultural ties between Cuban entrepreneurs, foreigners who have businesses in Cuba or want to do so, artists, tourism agencies, gourmets, designers and many other creative branches, also represented the consolidation of the Gardens Clubhouse.

Photo: Roberto Camejo. ” We were eager to use this space to promote and celebrate Cuban talent. That was the beginning. The goal of the Gardens Clubhouse is to transform the hotel into a site for networking, that is, promoting connections of a cultural and professional nature between Cubans, foreigners, and entrepreneurs of all kinds through talks, short presentations about their business, difficulties and successes, their vision. For this reason the public and the activities were certainly very diverse, always taking creativity as the center”, say the organizers.

Photo: Roberto Camejo.
The perfect partner
One of the fundamental actors for the success of the event was the Eminent Rum. Authentically Cuban, Eminente is a rum whose prestige has grown exponentially in the two years since its launch.
Photo : Robert Camejo. Made by the First Master of Cuban Rum César Martí, his Ámbar Claro and Eminente Reserva assortments, pay homage to the Cuban sugar and rum industry and to the way of making rum that proliferated in the 19th century, now seen from a contemporary, irreverent, highly distinctive and proven quality perspective. Photo: Roberto Camejo. The organizing committee of the event was clear :

” The brand Eminent is very similar to Gardens Havana in the colors and even in the concept: very Cuban, but at the same time very modern. We have a lot in common. Eminente speaks of the unexpected Cuba, of that particularity or beauty that few know or expect. It is also a traditional rum with a very real vision. This is also the case with Gardens. The hotel is in the middle of a common neighborhood in Old Havana, there is no nice door, a great call to attention, you go by and do not wait for the sanctuary that receives you when you go up On the other hand, we are both a mixture of Cuba and Europe, like the island itself. We had collaborated before and we do not hesitate to do so now. It is the perfect ally”, they emphasize.

Photo: Roberto Camejo. Precisely for this reason two of the fundamental moments of the Clubhouse were dedicated to making known the particularities of said rum, originally from the center of Cuba. Both the commented tasting and the specialized pairing, consolidated a knowledge that since the entrance of Gardens had already been arousing curiosities thanks to the offer of signature cocktails based on Eminente Amber Claro or Reserva that enlivened the event.

Photo: Roberto Camejo. According to the participants– in specific bartenders and connoisseurs– this was a perfect opportunity to enjoy a unique product of exceptional quality. Another indisputable example of the talent, of the wealth that the Greater Antilles keeps and is ready to share with the world.

Photo: Roberto Camejo.


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