Giant aquarium in Berlin hotel burst – chaos on site

Mega-Aquarium burst– “real Tsunami”

16122022 Reading time: 3 min.

Berlin: The world’s largest cylindrical aquarium in the hotel Dom Aquarée has cracked, massive amounts of water are flowing out. (Source: t-online)

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Large-scale operation in Berlin: The world’s largest cylindrical aquarium in the “hotel Dom Aquarée” has cracked, hundreds of thousands of liters of water have spilled out. There are two injured.

On site, a spokesman for reported Police that there have been two slightly injured people so far. These were injured by broken glass, the police said through Twitter with. According to information from a fire department spokesman, the hotel lobby is not yet accessible due to the debris, which is why rescue dogs are used to search for other people. A police helicopter was also on site.

Graphic “Aquadom” (source: t -online/Ulrike Frey)

” Fish lug everywhere”

The “Aquadom” which leads to Sea Life Berlin holds around one million liters of water and around 1,500 fish. “We have to assume that all the fish have unfortunately died,” said the spokesman. A politician who stayed the night at the hotel reported that everything inside the hotel had been destroyed, and there were fish lying around everywhere. “This is a major disaster for the fish and the hotel.” More reactions from hotel guests

read here.

In the meantime, the animal protection organization Peta has also made a statement: In response to the destroyed large aquarium, Peta wants to take legal action against those responsible. “We will file criminal charges against those responsible because the lives of around 1,500 fish were apparently handled negligently,” said a spokesman for the organization on Friday. The destruction of the aquarium was a “huge, man-made tragedy”. It should not be rebuilt.

350 hotel guests were asked to leave the hotel first, according to the spokesman for the fire brigade. The BVG provided buses to warm up for the guests. “We have closed the hotel with immediate effect until further notice and are relocating the guests,” says a statement from the hotel to Berliner Morgenpost

Both the THW and a structural engineer have now been requested to inspect the building.

Probably not a stop

According to the police, there is no evidence of a targeted, violent attack on the large aquarium in Berlin. “Not at all at the moment,” a police spokesman answered a question on Friday morning. The cause is not yet known, stressed spokesman for the police and fire brigade.

According to the fire brigade, the giant container was destroyed very quickly. “If the aquarium is defective, it bursts suddenly,” said a spokesman for the fire brigade. “It’s not a small crack from which the water is escaping, but the entire aquarium suddenly burst.”

According to the fire department, a large part ran of the water well through the doors on the ground floor onto the street and there into the storm drains. I didn’t find much water in the basement.

The place is located very close to Berlin Alexanderplatz with the TV tower. The Berlin police asked to bypass the area on a large scale.

A hotel guest posted a video from the hotel on Twitter. He speaks of an “explosion” of the aquarium. In the hotel itself there is apparently chaos, there are signs of destruction. In another video by a hotel guest on Instagram you can see firefighters trying to walk through the rubble in the hotel lobby with flashlights.


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