Girls from Jaru and Ariquemes denounce sexual harassment at Hotel Fazenda de Cacoal

This weekend a group of graduates from the Technical Course on Safety at Work in Jaru and Ariquemes came to Cacoal with the intention of staying at a hotel Fazenda, and some students were victims of harassment by a citizen , resident of Porto
Velho, who was also staying at the same establishment.

    The criminal act of this citizen would have started in the pool of the hotel Fazenda located in
    close to the city. The man, according to the victims’ reports, started staring at the girls’ private parts and soon afterwards he started rubbing them.

    One of these girls, whose identity we are going to preserve, tells that after that, they moved away and started to rotate in the middle of the pool, but the harasser did not give up and tried to get back together. Other women who were outside the pool noticed the situation and|
    communicated the fact to a hotel employee.

    Around 3 pm, approximately 07 girls reported to those responsible for the establishment that they had also been harassed. One of them even had her bikini ripped off.

    The man was also recording the victims. Faced with the seriousness of the facts, they called the security guards and the case ended up at the police station, with the drawing up of a police report.

    The police authorities stayed to hear the accused and the victims by videoconference in the
    next few days. The release of the man caused a lot of outrage. They expected that at the very least he would be arrested to pay for the acts he committed.

    The group, victim of this embarrassment, complains about the direction their lives have taken, because what acts to be a pleasant weekend, to enjoy good times at the end of the school year, is over turning into a terrible experience.

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