Gluten Free In Amsterdam (2023 Review)
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Gluten Free In Amsterdam (2023 Review)

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“What are some highly recommended gluten-free restaurants or cafes in Amsterdam as of 2023?”

Gluten Free in Amsterdam (2023 Review)

Are you a gluten-free traveler planning to visit Amsterdam in 2023? Look no further! Amsterdam is a vibrant and diverse city with plenty of options for those following a gluten-free lifestyle. In this article, we will explore the gluten-free scene in Amsterdam, from restaurants to accommodations, and provide you with all the essential information you need for a fantastic trip.

About Amsterdam

Located in the heart of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is a picturesque city known for its stunning canals, historic architecture, and vibrant cultural scene. With countless museums, art galleries, and bustling markets, Amsterdam has something to offer for everyone.

Reaching Amsterdam

Amsterdam is easily accessible by air, with Amsterdam Airport Schiphol serving as one of Europe’s major transportation hubs. From the airport, you can take a train or a taxi to reach the city center, which is approximately 15 kilometers away.

Public Transport

Once you’re in Amsterdam, getting around is a breeze thanks to its efficient public transportation system. The city offers an extensive tram and bus network, providing easy access to all major attractions. Grab an Amsterdam Travel Ticket for unlimited travel on trams, buses, and trains within the city.

Gluten-Free Dining Options

Amsterdam boasts a wide variety of gluten-free dining options to cater to every taste. Here are some popular gluten-free restaurants worth exploring:

  • Cafe de GlutenVrije
  • De Glutenvrije Winkel
  • The Dutch Gluten-Free Bakery
  • Glutenvrije Snackkiosk
  • Pure Food and Wine

Amenities and Accommodations

When it comes to choosing accommodations, Amsterdam offers a range of options that cater to gluten-free travelers. For a comfortable and hassle-free stay, provides a wide selection of hotels offering gluten-free amenities and services. Whether you’re looking for a luxury hotel or a cozy bed and breakfast, you’ll find the perfect option at

Rates and Promotions offers competitive rates and exclusive promotions for gluten-free travelers. Head over to their website to check out their current offerings and find the best deals for your stay in Amsterdam.

Must-See Attractions

While exploring Amsterdam, make sure to visit these must-see attractions:

  • The Anne Frank House
  • The Van Gogh Museum
  • The Rijksmuseum
  • The Jordaan neighborhood
  • The famous Red Light District

Extra Services

Many hotels in Amsterdam offer additional services to enhance your stay. One popular option is bike rental. Amsterdam is known as a bicycle-friendly city, and exploring its streets on two wheels is a memorable experience.

The I Amsterdam City Card

The I Amsterdam City Card is the perfect companion for your stay in Amsterdam. It offers free entry to numerous museums and attractions, free public transport, and discounts on various activities and restaurants. Get your I Amsterdam City Card now at

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Is Amsterdam a gluten-free friendly city?
  2. Yes, Amsterdam is known for its gluten-free options and has many dedicated gluten-free restaurants and establishments.

  3. What are some popular gluten-free restaurants in Amsterdam?
  4. Popular gluten-free restaurants in Amsterdam include Cafe de GlutenVrije, De Glutenvrije Winkel, The Dutch Gluten-Free Bakery, Glutenvrije Snackkiosk, and Pure Food and Wine.

  5. Are there gluten-free options in traditional Dutch cuisine?
  6. Absolutely! Many traditional Dutch dishes can be prepared gluten-free or have gluten-free versions available, allowing you to enjoy the local cuisine without worry.

  7. Does offer gluten-free amenities?
  8. Yes, offers a range of hotels with gluten-free amenities and services to ensure a comfortable stay for gluten-free travelers.

  9. What is the best way to get around Amsterdam?
  10. Amsterdam’s public transportation system, including trams and buses, is the most efficient way to explore the city. Consider getting an Amsterdam Travel Ticket for unlimited travel within the city.

Amsterdam is a dream destination for gluten-free travelers. With its stunning scenery, rich history, and strong commitment to gluten-free options, this city promises a memorable and enjoyable experience. Book your gluten-free adventure in Amsterdam today with!

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