Gospel singer Wanderson Motta, from the duo with Thallya, dies after suffering a heart attack in a hotel

The evangelical community is mourning the death of singer Wanderson Motta, who was a duo with singer Thallya. According to the website Assembleianos de Valor, the artist died on Saturday night (04/29) at the hotel where he was staying in Estreito, Maranhão, after suffering a heart attack.

Wanderson Motta, who was part of the Assembly of God in Imperatriz, Maranhão, had performed at Umadema Getsêmani alongside his sister on the same day he died. The news of the singer’s death shocked friends, family and fans.

This Sunday (04/30), Pastor José Alves Cavalcante, on behalf of the Imperatriz Assembly of God, issued a note of condolences to the singer’s family.

Last photo published by the duo this Saturday- – Photo: Instagram

Wanderson and Thallya recorded a clip with singer Luana Rodrigues in Goiânia, and received great help from Pastor Elizeu Rodrigues to leverage their career. Information about wake and burial was not disclosed.


Wanderson, who in addition to being a singer, taught English, used to not publish many posts on his social networks. Six weeks ago, he shared a message of faith and hope with his followers, which was his last post on Instagram.

The message he published began with a question: “Do you have the courage to read what God wants to speak to you this morning?”

Then he related a story he saw three days ago, where a father was in the car with his daughter, who was about one to two years old. The girl was crying a lot, to the point of losing her breath, and the father looked into her eyes, while she tried to move him by touching his face, as if to say: “Do something, I’m crying!”.

The father, realizing that she wanted an action from him, asked why she was crying. She replied that she missed her mother and her father said that he did too. Then, he asked if she wanted a hug, and the two embraced.

Wanderson compared this scene with the relationship between God and people who cry disconsolately asking for answers. He said that God is silent because he knows that the person doesn’t need answers, he just needs to vent, cry, empty and take away the weight of the soul and the lump in the throat.

According to the young man in the publication, God knows that this will do the person good, and that is why he is silent. It’s not because he is conniving or apathetic to the person’s situation, but because he knows that he needs that moment of crying to feel better.

Wanderson asked his followers what period he was crying for, and told them to repeat it out loud if they knew. He cited examples, such as problems in marriage, with children, unemployment, illness, fear of the future, harsh words he heard, homesickness, among others.

He then said that God would ask the same question the father asked the girl: “Why are you crying? Do you know why you are crying?” And then he said that God is greater than the reason for crying and that it is a hug for the person, saying that he can save, restore, rebuild, open and bring good things.

The message was a reflection on the relationship between God and people who go through difficult times and the importance of venting and taking the weight off the soul. Wanderson showed that God is present and can help overcome life’s obstacles. Check the post.




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