Governments spent millions on Trump's hotels

Foreign governments from six countries stayed at Donald Trump’s Washington hotel during his first two years in office, reports CNN.

The countries spent more than 700,000 dollars – roughly 7.3 million kroner – on the hotel during the period.

Trump has been accused by Democrats of having been indirectly paid by other countries through the hotel rental.

The countries whose governments have stayed at the Trump International hotel in Washington are China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates.

According to CNN, Qatar alone should have spent 280,000 dollars on the hotel. Next comes Malaysia with 250,000 dollars spent.

CNN states that there is no evidence that the rentals should have influenced American politics. However, several stays coincided with major foreign policy events, including the Qatari diplomatic crisis in 2017.

The documents obtained by CNN were first produced by a committee of the US House of Representatives.

– The documents sharply call into question the extent to which President Trump allowed his own financial interests to rule during his time as president, rather than wanting the best interests of the American people, says Democratic politician and committee chairwoman Carolyn Maloney.

Trump: “Huge efforts”

Eric Trump, Donald Trump’s son who since 2017 has been CEO of the Trump Organization, tells CNN:

– As a company, we went to great lengths to avoid what could even be perceived as a conflict of interest, not because of legal requirements but out of respect for the presidency.

According to Eric Trump, the company skipped a multi-billion dollar deal, stopped all international expansion and donated the money that came from the foreign governments during Donald Trump’s time as President of the United States.

The mockery turned into praise.


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