Great attention to All Inclusive holidays in Egypt. What travel agencies don't tell you about 5-star hotels EXCLUSIVELY

Egypt is known for its ancient treasures, rich history, golden sandy beaches, remarkable architecture and five-star resorts. All these intentions led me to book a stay in the sunny tourist destination of Sharm el-Sheikh.

What you need to know before taking your All Inclusive holiday in Egypt

Many Romanians know that Ancient Egypt is one of the most interesting and oldest civilizations in the world. The Great Pyramids of Giza, the only surviving ancient wonder, along with Egyptian statues and tombs, continue to capture the attention of leading archaeologists and, of course, tourists. Mount Sinai, also known as Jabal Al Tor or the Mount of Moses, is considered a holy place, visited by pilgrims from different religions, including Islam, Christianity and Judaism, where the prophet Moses received divine commands from God. It is located in the beautiful Sinai Peninsula, where adrenaline junkies come to enjoy rock climbing and hiking.

Details about accommodation conditions in Sharm el-Sheikh

In the south of this peninsula is the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, on the coastal strip between the Red Sea and Mount Sinai. In this destination I chose to spend my passage between the rectums. I knew it was popular with tourists, being much more luxurious than Hurghada. So I didn’t think too much when I decided to go to Egypt. What many travel agencies do not show on the specialized websites is … the reality of such an orgasm is it. The images published on Booking, for example, differ greatly from what I found at the hotel where I stayed. The pictures are heavily doctored, you’ll understand what I mean in the lines below.

Big disappointment: what I didn’t like

I booked a seven-night stay at a five-star hotel in Sharm for 2000 euros, the agency ensuring excellent accommodation conditions. It didn’t even occur to me what was waiting for me there. Arriving around 10 PM at the hotel, hungry and tired, after tens of minutes of trying to understand the explanations given at the reception (the staff’s English leaves something to be desired), we received our room cards, Wi-Fi passwords and a kind of snack, if you can call it that, which consisted of three small breads, each with some kind of tasteless salami and some very salty pickles.

Shock and horror in the hotel room

When I entered the video hotel room, I had a shock. All the old period, not to mention the bathroom, which looked more like two daisies, by no means five-star conditions. See pictures in our photo gallery. The assembled image left me with a bitter taste. In those moments I wished it was just a bad dream, from which I would wake up quickly. Finally, in exchange for 20 euros, we were given a suite in a building close to the resort’s restaurant. Much more spacious and clean, with a view of the Sinai Mountains.

The food did not impress me

Another black ball was the food. The only ones that tasted good were the sweets. Otherwise, disaster, many spices and dubious sauces, which I did not even dare to approach. As for the drinks, I found the cocktails acceptable. Tip: For an ok service, my advice is to honor the bartender. He will make sure you drink something good. We, for example, gave him 100 Egyptian pounds (the equivalent of 19 RON) every two days. Although they say that Egyptian cuisine is delicious, the food being influenced by the neighboring countries in the Middle East, I was not impressed. For example, sarmales have nothing to do with Romanian ones, they had a cinnamon flavor.
On New Year’s Eve we had a Swedish bar with many varieties, from fruits of sea, sushi (didn’t win me over), different types of meat, baked goods, sweets and fruit. The presentation was rated 9.5. During the toddler vacation, the weather was excellent, around 23-24 degrees Celsius in January. I could sit at the beach every day.

I entered 2023 with the left

But the day of departure was a nightmare. We knew that the plane took off at 10 PM, so we had to be at the reception at 7. After waiting for more than two and a half hours in the lobby, we arrived at the airport in one last minute. The policy of the Egyptian authorities towards Romanian tourists is revolting. ONLY we were forced to wrap our luggage in foil (5 euros per trolley), a condition to be able to get home. Not to mention the airport controls, which are quite strange. They make you take off your shoes, they look suspiciously at the branch, as if you were a criminal, they have all kinds of intimidating devices and radars. Although all the customs officers were smiling at the checkpoint, the fact that I did not know the language gave me emotions. And the icing on the cake was the cancellation of the race. Instead of 10, the time we were supposed to take off, we left at 00:40 and landed at 03:35, Romanian time.

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