“Greece”: Nice swaying with Thomas Stipsits

He is a mama boy straight out of a picture book: lacking in will, dabbling, dependent. Pass away Mrs. Mama explains to the son and hotel heir when he should take which vitamins, what he doesn’t like about his girlfriend, and bursts into his room when it suits her. As a result, the son is in a constant struggle with his domineering mother and his fiancée (Katharina Straßer).
The character of Johannes is tailor-made for the cabaret artist, actor and Greece fan Thomas Stipsits, as co- He also wrote this as a screenwriter himself.
The warm-hearted emancipation comedy begins when he, secretly crawling under the table, notices that the hotel patriarch Friedrich (Erwin Steinhauer) is not his The father is, but the mother (Mona Seefried) got pregnant by the hippie Gustav on a Greek island in a kind of commune. Now Gustav is a kid and Johannes has inherited a piece of land.

So the uninformed son flies to the island and under white-blue painted sea swings and the bright sun starts the cheerful self-discovery trip with ashes in Yogurt cups, well-known songs, laurel wreaths and Metaxa. But: What are the goals of the mayor aka notary aka taxi driver in personal union (Kostas Antalopoulos)? Does the nice Rina (Claudia Kottal) have intentions? The insecure, pale man from Vienna is slowly discovering what he really wants from life and who he really loves.

“Greece or the Running Chicken” has a not uncomplicated origin story with the directors Claudia Jüptner -Jonstorff and Eva Spreitzhofer behind. A lot of the character drawing is clichéd, warmed up and suitable for TV material. As a feel-good tanker, homage to a country and its islands, the feel-good film, including tourism advertising, works wonderfully in cooler February in more northern regions.
The local comedy elite avoids the shallow gags stylishly: Erwin Steinhauer and Mona Seefried, decades as an institution in “Single Bells” and “O Palmenbaum”, can be seen again as a married couple. Great Diagonale drama award winner Margarethe Tiesel and Andreas Vitásek embody a sex-addicted old-hippie couple with a love boat. Lots of holiday fanfare, well-known songs and tacky, idyllic pictures promote escapism from everyday life on the cinema screen. And: It’s been far too long since the last hit comedy in the cinema.



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