Gus Dur's Humor: The Habit of Not Wanting to Sleep in Hotels

JAKARTA The 4th President of the Republic of Indonesia, KH. Abdurrahman Wahid or commonly called Gus Dur is known as a firm but humorous figure. Gus Dur often throws humor or jokes which lightens the atmosphere so as not to get too tense.

Gus Dur’s humorous style was also expressed by a kiai from Metro, Lampung, KH Syamsudin Tohir. He said that around 1996, Gus Dur had come to Lampung for the affairs of the Nahdlatul Ulama organization. Gus Dur has a habit of often asking not to sleep in hotels.

The chairman of PWNU Lampung at that time, KH Khusnan Mustofa Gufron was forced to make the house of an administrator as a place to stay.

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” Gus Dur always asks not to sleep in hotels. He wants to stay at home, together. Incidentally at that time Pak Khusnan’s house was not ready. So, they had to move to Pak Supri’s house, the story of KH Syamsudin was quoted by NU Online.

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A room for Gus Dur to rest was also prepared in the house. However, towards midnight, Gus Dur instead came out of his room carrying a pillow.

“When I was treated like a prisoner,” said Gus Dur as he lay down on the floor of the main room of the house with other guests.


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