“He beat me, terrorized me! He told me: either with him or dead!” Shocking revelations! The ordeal that Loredana Chivu went through in a hotel in Colombia

Loredana Chivu went through a real ordeal! She says she was beaten shortly after a buttock-reshaping operation. It happened last fall, at a hotel in Colombia, and the aggressor was none other than the one who then asked her to be his wife. He accepted, more out of fear. And maybe because he thought the relationship would work out. It did not happen. She broke off the engagement. The nightmare continued. Loredana asked for a restraining order on Thursday, April 20. He got it, but he’s still shaking. He narrated the drama of his life for CANCAN.RO The statements, exclusively, are shocking!

Loredana Chivu begins her story with the Police. On the day he requested a restraining order for Dani Leș, the businessman from Arad who was in love with him, moreover, asked her to marry him with an exceptional ring, in the middle of January.

” Today I went to the Police, where I was issued, in the emergency room, a restraining order for my ex-boyfriend, the man who made that request to me in marriage, Dani Leș”, were Loredana’s first words. ” Since November, I have been assaulted in Colombia!”

Then, she went back in time. He arrived in Colombia, where he had gone for a surgical intervention

aesthetics. ” Since November, I have been physically assaulted in Colombia. I was there for a buttock reconstruction operation, a very important operation in my life. And I was abused physically, mentally, in every way. On October 18, I had the big operation, and on November 4, when I was physically assaulted, I had a complication and was operated on again. I, a woman operated on, was beaten.

From the hospital I went to the hotel, and there, in front of my nurse, everything happened. Then I got to the hospital again, and from there I got to another hotel, without telling anyone where I was. Finally, I -I hid, I only stayed in the hotel, I had to leave the hotel with the police, because he found out where I was staying. He returned to Romania, I stayed there, because he broke the silicone on my right side. I did several operations, my stay was extended”, continued Loredana Chivu.



Loredana Chivu experienced nightmare moments in Colombia, but also when she returned to Romania (Source: Facebook)

” Said that if I don’t marry him, he will kill me!”

He was going to return to the country. And to try a communication with the lover. ” We met for the first time when the alleged marriage proposal was made. I did not expect that proposal, it did not seem fair to me, I accepted it because they were real people

But I told him I don’t think about us being engaged, because you don’t have an orgasm to go from a fight to a marriage proposal. He said he was going to prove to me that he was a man with good intentions, which he didn’t.

Of course we didn’t get along , because from the moment he beat me, because he believed and felt that he had overall control over me, but since then, I have learned certain things. He could not live with me anymore, because I was already abused. But , every time I tried to end the relationship, I was even threatened with death.

He moved into the complex I was staying in. He had been there for three weeks, as the business has nothing to do with Bucharest, they are in Arad. He followed me consistently, terrorized me mentally, I couldn’t leave the house, he followed me to the salon I go to, he told me through third parties that he was killing me, he even told me that he was killing me. He told me that if I didn’t marry him, he would kill me. I mean, either with him or dead!

I can say, however, that psychic terror is the worst in this world. I was deprived of my liberty and still fear for my life. Wherever I went, I was followed. He also banned me from certain clubs … I haven’t been to a dining establishment for a long time. I don’t even know anymore. From last year! He followed me including in the underground parking lot, including at the block where I live, over the kid. I fear for my life!”, revealed Loredana, the nightmare she went through.


LOREDANA CHIVU HAS GONE THE BOOKS ON THE FACE! THE REASON WHY THE BLONDE DIDN’T SHOW UP ANYMORE NO MAN’S ARM) Loredana Chivu requested a restraining order for her ex-boyfriend, the businessman from Arad (Photo source : Instagram)

Restraining order on the name of the ex-boyfriend

The only option, the Police!

“I hoped that we would end this relationship in amicable terms, but it was not possible. After I was beaten, I received only threats, insults, terror, blackmail. That’s how I got to the Police! For my safety. And I had to do it ahead of time. Ever since I felt I was no longer safe. And at the moment, I can say with my hand on my heart that I fear for my life.

And today I obtained, together with my lawyer, I thank God for putting it in my way, the restraining order. He is not allowed to approach me, he is not allowed to contact me … There are several prohibitions. The order came into force from 20.00

) I want to specify that any harm that happens to me from now on is from Dani Leș! I have no enemies and no problems with anyone! He’s the only one who wants me dead! Whether he does it or someone else does it, it comes from his direction! I want this to be known!”, concluded Loredana Chivu.

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