He felt a nauseating smell in the hotel room and found the macabre reason under the bed

A Chinese man with the surname Zhang who was visiting the city Lhasa , capital of Tibet, stayed at a highly recommended local hotel on April 21st. Immediately, he noticed that the room had a nauseating smell, but he stayed there anyway. Hours later, due to the unbearable stench, they changed the room and there they discovered the horrible cause of the bad smell: a corpse lay under the bed

The gloomy discovery led to a police investigation for murder, and ended with a personality detained many kilometers from there. Meanwhile, Zhang told the media in his country that, days after the incident, he was still afraid and found it very difficult to sleep.

The hotel Guzang Shuhua Inn is promoted on social media, where it is very popular as a celebrity-visited location, perfect for taking amazing pictures of Tibet It has warm lights and wooden balconies and its rooms offer the greatest comfort, according to reviews. For Mr. Zhang, that lodging was also unforgettable, but for other reasons.

Lhasa is the administrative capital of China’s Tibet
AFP Agency

The man wrote about his unpleasant experience in reviews of the same hotel, but Guzang Shushua denied his version of events. So, angered by this denial, Zhang lashed out with his story, this time, in Weibo, which is a kind of social network like Facebook, but which works in China There he attached , to clear up doubts, a ticket of his stay in the place.

Then, his case reached the Chinese media and he himself told his experience to the regional portal Sohu News, a testimonial that was collected by the British media BBC.

There, the man who was a tourist in Tibet recounted the chronology of the events. It all started when he checked into the hotel in the afternoon. So, despite the smell that he had already shaken off as soon as he entered the place, the man took a nap of around three hours.

The hotel guest published his story on the networks and the accommodation denied it, but the corpse existed

Then, Zhang went out for a sightseeing tour of the city and returned to the hotel to change for dinner, only to feel the putrid stench again. This time, he thought it was a scent that came from a bakery located under the hotel, or from the heating system of the place. According to his own story, he even wondered if it wasn’t his feet, after a long walk, the cause of such a miasma.

Finally, when he returned from dinner, since he could no longer bear the smell, he asked for a room change.

“I’m very scared and it’s still hard for me to sleep,” he told Shangyou News in an interview on April 30.

According to what he said, once he checked into the new room, he rested for a few hours in bed, before leaving, around1530 regional time. However, when he was sleeping peacefully, the individual from the hotel woke him up to go down to his old room. There he found out that, under the bed where he had taken a nap, had found a body.

” I asked them what had happened and they told me that someone had died. So I asked them where and they told me that under my bed”, he declared to the aforementioned site Shangyou News , according to CNN.

The police took a statement from him, collected a sample of his DNA and He told her not to worry because they had already arrested someone as part of that investigation. Besides, the corpse had been there for a long time; that is, at least a few days before the arrival of Zhang to that room.

El sospechoso de haber asesinado a la persona que apareció debajo de la cama del hotel del Tibet fue apresado a 2000 kilómetros del lugar, mientras viajaba en un tren

The suspect of having assassinated the personality that appeared under the bed of the hotel in Tibet was arrested 2000 kilometers from the place, while traveling on a train


Indeed, it was learned that the police detained a suspect for this crime on a train, in the city of Lanzhou, about 2000 kilometers from Lhasa There is even a video on social networks that records the moment of this arrest.

While the investigation for this heinous crime continues, Zhang assured the Chinese media that he left that hotel, from Lhasa and from Tibet as soon as he finished giving his testimony to the police. And he also pointed out that this experience marked him. ” I’m very scared and it’s still hard for me to sleep. The situation left me in a bad psychological state,” he said.



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