He stayed at a five-star hotel in Buenos Aires, used all the services and counted how much he spent

Sofía Gonet amassed more than 500,000 followers on TikTok by sharing her lavish lifestyle; On this occasion, she recorded her experience visiting the Four Seasons

21/01/2023 One of the main trends among users using TikTok is based on sharing detailed snippets of their routine for anyone to see. There are those who focus on the clothes they choose to go to work or to fulfill various obligations, those who record what they eat or, like in the case of Sofía Gonet, those who list each of the activities they do throughout the day.

However, Gonet not only gained a large number of followers for his striking routines, but also because he uploads videos that capture experiences that are alien to a large part of Argentines. A clear example is one of the publications that went viral a couple of days ago, in which he revealed that he goes to the hairdresser once a week, that he spent about 40,000 pesos on Ricky Sarkany sandals, got his nails done and invested in other similar luxuries, all in the same day.This show is praised by many and criticized by many others and both reactions helped her exceed 500 thousand followers and accumulate more than 13 million likes

on the Chinese social network.

However, the young influencer does not only show what she does on ordinary days, but also does the same with moments that are out of her routine. She did so in one of her recent posts, in which she took TikTok users with her -through the screen, of course- to stay in one of the most expensive hotels from Buenos Aires. “This weekend I stayed at the most expensive hotel in Buenos Aires and I want to show you. The hotel in question is

Four Seasons

, he said, by way of introduction, while the building’s façade could be seen in the filming. And he continued: “ We went with two friends

, we had two beds and they gave us an additional one that was an armchair”.

At the same time that he recounted the minute by minute of his stay, he captured part of the facilities: the bathroom -which had a bathtub on the floor next to a screen to watch movies-, the spacious rooms, the pool sector that had a large number of deck chairs and, likewise, focused on the food they ordered to enjoy during their afternoon in the sun. “ There is also the hotel’s day spa which is very good, but in my opinion it is not luxurious.

Honestly, the one at hotel Alvear seems much nicer to me “, he remarked. Once the beauty and relaxation treatments had been completed, Gonet and her friends prepared to end the night with a hearty dinner.Four Seasons Four Seasons

” We went to dinner at Elena , because the hotel has three restaurants: Pony Line – which is a bar type-, Elena – which is great- and Our Secret”, Four Seasons detailed. And he finished: “The next day, in the morning, we went to the breakfast buffet, which is incredible. It was spectacular.” Finally, he clarified that only stayed one night and revealed that, in overalls, they spent more than 316 thousand pesos.


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