Hiking: Twelve new short hiking trails in Germany have been awarded a seal of quality

“Wanderable Germany”

Seal of quality: Twelve new short hiking trails in Germany awarded

Zwei Menschen wandern durch die Berge.Zwei Menschen wandern durch die Berge.

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Two people are walking through by the mountains.

© Source: Angelika Warmuth/dpa

Reliably marked, thematically exciting, scenically varied: That’s what the quality trails of the German Hiking Association promise. A dozen routes are new.

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Kassel. The German Hiking Association (DVW) draws twelve short hiking trails for the first time with its seal “quality path Wanderbares Deutschland”.

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Below are pass There are six “Roman paths” in the Odenwald in the very north of Baden-Württemberg. These are day tours on which hikers can experience stories of Romans, Germans and the Limes.

Three hiking trails in the Black Forest also receive the DVW seal: the “AugenBlick-Runde Schiltach Schlossberg”, the “Aichelberger Traumtour” and the path “Ins Tal der Lehmann”.

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Among the excellent Because of this, there is also the “Markgrafenrunde”. It leads around Wülfersreuth, the highest village in the Fichtelgebirge in north-eastern Bavaria. In North Hesse, the “Ruhlandpfad” received the seal, in North Rhine-Westphalia the “Zinzer Grenzpfad”, which near Erndtebrück on the southern slope of the Rothaargebirge runs.

The requirements for the seal

All of the paths mentioned are so-called initial certifications – i.e. they get the seal for the first time. Every three years, the paths are checked again. According to the DVW, there are currently almost 350 quality hiking trails nationwide.

In order to receive this seal, a hiking trail must be completely marked and offer hikers scenic and cultural variety, as well as places to rest and the accessibility of a trail by bus and train flow into di e rating.

In the case of the short hiking trails, the hiking association also requires that these deepen certain topics or are tailored to certain groups of people – such as families.

RND/dpa source

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