History of the Inna Garuda Malioboro Hotel, Charlie Chaplin has stayed here

The history of the Inna Garuda Malioboro hotel, Yogyakarta is interesting for us to dig deeper into. This is because the building where the Dutch people stayed in the past was once the office of the Commander in Chief General Sudirman during the physical revolution period.

Apart from that, the Inna Garuda Malioboro hotel has also witnessed the arrival of the world famous comedian, Charlie Chaplin. This silent comedian had stayed at this hotel while on a comedy safari in Asia; one of them was to the Dutch East Indies.

According to various existing historical records, the Inna Garuda Malioboro hotel was established in 1911. Initially it was used as a special place to stay for Europeans. Indigenous people cannot enter the hotel. Previously the name of this hotel was Grand hotel de Djokja.

hotel Inna Garuda is located at Jalan Malioboro No. 6 Special Region of Yogyakarta. Until now, the hotel still functions as a luxury guest house to accommodate dignified guests from all over the country.

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It is said that according to one statement from past documents, Inna Garuda is the only luxury hotel ever on the island of Java. Then what about another story that is more exciting than before?

History of hotel Inna Garuda Malioboro when it became the Office of General Sudirman

The transition of the function of the Inna Garuda Malioboro hotel from a guest house to the office of the Commander in Chief, General Sudirman, took place in 1947. More precisely, when Indonesia was experiencing the first Dutch military aggression in Yogyakarta.

According to various testimonies, the choice of the Inna Garuda Malioboro hotel as a military headquarters occurred due to the General’s tuberculosis disease which continued to spread. The hope is that if Sudirman is placed in a hotel, the burden of illness will be light.

In the hotel, General Sudirman does not stop working. Although while coughing, the General continued to formulate a war strategy against the Dutch.

In peace of mind and body, Sudirman worked earnestly, until in the end he came up with an attack strategy called

supit hurang

Until now the room that was occupied by General Sudirman at the Inna Garuda Malioboro hotel is sacred to the manager hotel. Apart from being a historical reference, it is said that this room also contains a mystical story. hotel visitors can only see from the outside alias are not allowed to enter the room.

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hotel Inna Garuda Visited Charlie Chaplin

According to Moh. Nasrudin in a book entitled, “Jewels of the Anak Band in the Black Valley ” (2002), the Inna Garuda Malioboro hotel apparently did not it is only a memorial for General Sudirman, because this hotel has also been visited by world-renowned comedian Charlie Chaplin.

Charlie Chaplin stayed at the Inna Garuda Malioboro hotel because he was fascinated by the beauty of the place. Apart from being both built in a European style, these hotels also have modern-day facilities and shady trees that can make people feel cool inside.

The arrival of the world comedy legend occurred due to Charlie Chaplin’s went on a safari to the Dutch East Indies. Besides coming to Yogyakarta before, he had visited North Priangan.

After Charlie Chaplin stayed there, the Inna Garuda Malioboro hotel became famous to foreign countries. This comedian with a unique mustache promotes the hotel to the general public. He also gave positive experiences to people in his country while on vacation in Yogyakarta.

The incident of Charlie Chaplin staying at the Inna Garuda Malioboro hotel occurred in 1932. After that he then continued his vacation trip to the island the gods of Bali.

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Becoming a Historic hotel in Yogyakarta

Currently, the Inna Garuda Malioboro hotel is a historical tourist destination in Yogyakarta. Not only because the building has Dutch architecture but also because it has interesting historical records in it.

The time machine records the hotel as a contemporary place of the Dutch era which is rich in facilities. This hotel even has warm water facilities for bathing guests who are staying overnight. In addition, the hotel’s dinner offerings add to the interest of visitors.

The ancient travelers waited for a special dish called Rijsttafel Food rich in brightly colored side dishes, a culinary blend of native and Dutch tongues. This special, expensive dish used to be on the dinner menu list at the Inna Garuda Malioboro hotel.

The Inna Garuda hotel is clear evidence of how important Yogyakarta is in the eyes of travelers for a long time. This means that it is not surprising that until now the area nicknamed Gudeg City has become the main destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Because since Yogyakarta has become a tourist-friendly area. ( Erik/R7/HR-Online/ Editor-Ndu)


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