Horror in Jujuy: they found two young people dead in a hotel room

The victims were a tourist couple from Buenos Aires. They were 28 and 27 years old. They suspect carbon monoxide poisoning.

Sunday, October 9, 2022 pm

José Eduardo Rojas (28) and Sofía Macarena Robledo (27) were two young people from Buenos Aires who were on vacation in the city of Humahuaca, province of Jujuy. This Friday, after 12, the owners of the hotel where they were staying found them dead in one of the rooms. Now, the authorities are investigating whether the cause of death was poisoning with carbon monoxide

The owners of the place became aware of the couple’s absence when they did not carry out the corresponding have a look at that morning. After knocking on the door and getting no response, they decided to enter by force and ran into the scary: the two young people were lying in bed, with no vital signs.


After calling 911, members of Section 15, individual of the SAME and Criminalistics members of the Public Ministry went to the scene. But it was already late: they could only verify the death of both personalities. Preliminary autopsy results indicate that the youths died from carbon monoxide inhalation.

Macarena y José. Los jóvenes murieron en un hotel y se investigan las causas.Detectores
Macarena and Jose. The young people died in a hotel and the causes are being investigated.

A couple died in Jujuy: they suspect carbon monoxide

According to the newspaper El Tribuno, both the owners of the accommodation and their son were charged with “culpable homicide aggravated by the number of victims “. So far, they are not arrested. The prosecutor’s office to freight of the investigation will await the results of the ocular, photographic and film inspection that were carried out at the scene of the events. The premise is to determine if the room had the regulation ventilation for this type of lodging.

The victims left for the north of Argentina last Friday, September 30. Natalia, Sofía’s cousin, spoke with TN and said that the young people were in Tilcara for a few days. On Tuesday, October 4, they arrived in Humahuaca.

Macarena y José. Los jóvenes murieron en un hotel y se investigan las causas.Detectores
Macarena and Jose. The young people died in a hotel and the causes are being investigated.

“The last we heard from them was on Wednesday, October 5, when they went on an excursion to Hornocal,” said the young woman. After receiving the tragic news, both families moved to the Jujuy province. However, they still could not identify the bodies.

Friends and relatives of the victims started a campaign on social networks to raise the necessary money to transfer the bodies to Buenos Aires. “$350,000 is needed for the transfer of Sofía Macarena Robledo and José Eduardo Rojas. We need everyone’s collaboration with what they can. With what has been raised so far, the paperwork and the tickets for the relatives to Jujuy have been paid for. What What is needed now is to transport them,” wrote Ayelén Salvatierra on Facebook.

Calefactor y monóxido de carbono

Calefactor y monóxido de carbonoDetectores

Carbon monoxide: how to protect yourself

Pulmonologists described carbon monoxide as a “silent killer”, since it has no odor or color, and warned that in our country there are 200 deaths a year from this intoxication. They also added that the primary measure to avoid them is prevention.

” We call it the ‘silent killer’ because it has no smell, no color and it is not noticeable, when you do it it is because you are already intoxicating yourself People can notice it because they start with a feeling of dullness, headache, numbness, until the personality falls asleep and dies,” Rosa Estevan, a neomonologist belonging to the Argentine Association of Respiratory Medicine (AAMR), explained to Télam.

“It is a very dangerous death because people do not realize what is happening,” he added. “The primary thing to avoid is prevention, you always have to keep the environments ventilated. Once a year you have to check the gas appliances, and check that the flame is always blue. It is important not to heat the environments trick the kitchen burners because that takes in the oxygen of the place”, he concluded.

Calefactor y monóxido de carbono


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