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Feb 14, 2023 – 11:58 am

2023-02- 14


In the last monthly accommodation report from the National Administrative Department of Statistics (Dane), e the hotel sector increased its income 5 .7% in December 2022 compared to the same month in 2021.

This figure was marked out to a large extent by the city of Bogotá, in which the line grew 18, 8%, in Antioquia 18.5% and in Amazonas 5.8%, but in turn it was contracted by the archipelago of San Andrés and providencia which presented a decrease of 13.2% in one of the best months of the year for vacation tourism.

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The ocupation hotel was above 55.6% , and by type of hotel above 48%, figure in most hotels for these dates, a figure that has remained stable since July.

In h otels trick less than 50 rooms, the occupancy registered by Dane was 48.9%;-LRB- between 51 and 100 rooms was 55 .7%, a figure comparable to that of July, but less than October and November; From 101 to 150 rooms, the average occupancy was 59.7%, the lowest since May; and in fool hotels with more than 150 rooms was 65%, the lowest figure since June.

These figures show a significant occupancy trend in the months that are not ‘high season’, even in traditionally tourist cities such as Cartagena, which registered an occupancy rate of 68%, 2.9 pp less than the previous month.

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It is worth recognizing that the 60.8% of non-residential travelers did so for leisure and 32.4% for business.

This fall can be seen reflected above all by the increase in the prices of hotel services, which showed an annual increase of 24% in simple accommodation and 28% in double accommodation. In Bogotá the figures stand at 29.6% and 31.6%, the highest compared to other cities.

In this regard, hotels have stated that the rise in the CPI in 2022, the highest recorded in the last 20 years, has strongly affected their finances, which indisputably translates into ending prices.

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For us what impacts the most is the salary increase (between 13% and 17%) since the weight of the payroll in our hotels is 55%. The increase in the value of food impacts the value of breakfast which is included in the rate. The increase in energy and public services“, said Paula Morales- director of Marketing Cadena Germán Morales Hotels.

In addition to the economic challenges, re having individual has become a challenge According to the Dane, although a noteworthy recovery has been generated in the busy individual since June 2021, this The growth path has been falling.In May 2022 there was an increase of 35.3% in individual contracted, in December the figure fell to 16.2%.

Regarding this challenge, Óscar Restrepo, Regional General Director of NH hotel Group, assured that after the pandemic it has not been easy to retain talent.” The trend towards remote work has made that the hotel industry has been affected in retaining those talents who are in charge of the operation and must comply with face-to-face work, therefore it takes a high i Training aircraft, incentives and recognitions and the development of a career strategy are important”, they point out. PAULA ANDREA GALEANO BALAGUERA
Portfolio Journalist


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