Hotel photo model contradicted Santa Fe player; gave another version

The young woman said she was 26 years old, lived in Barrancabermeja, place of the photograph, and that is dedicated to the “creation of content” for entertainment platforms suitable for people over 18.

The model delivered to El Deportivo a story that does not correspond to that of one of the smiling men who appear in the photograph, because without giving his name, the player assured Futbolred that it was a casual encounter “before” the 4-0 loss against Alianza Petrolera in the 16th date of the Betplay League.

The specific thing is that the ‘cardinals’ got it cheap in the match, well they could be thrashed by a higher score. In addition, Alianza was already eliminated and had not won for 8 days, while the red and whites had just beaten Millonarios 3-2.

Photo model with players from Independiente Santa Fe gives another version

While the footballer in question assured that the image corresponded to the prelude to the win, the woman repeatedly assured quite the opposite.

” The truth is, the photo was clearly taken after the game and I was entering the hotel… That was around 10:30 or 11 at night,” he said.

And he detailed how the meeting went: “As public figures who boy them, it was easy for me to ask for the photo and they did not refuse”.

In addition, he explained that his sentence: What a night last night“, with which he published the postcard , was addressed to the “friend” who was with her and did not refer to the team.

She even implied that she did not know any member of the platel: ” There was no exchange of numbers nor did we do anything else. We went up in the same elevator, but the boys got off at their floor and I continued with my friend. We did not have any more contact with them” .

He also pointed out that he did not seek to tarnish the image of the athletes and that everything ended where it began: “I wanted to make this clarification because I do not want the boys on the team are affected by something that did not really happen”.

And he closed with more explanations: “They think that because you doesn’t work in this environment, she’s going to sleep with the guide man who appears to her… If it had been in a room or a party place, it gives you many things to think about, but there you can clearly see that it was in the doors of an elevator… I’m calm, that night nothing happened out of context”.

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In audio, the woman’s words (minute 1: 38):


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