Hotel prices doubled: death of Queen Elizabeth II fuels tourism boom

The royal family as an attraction

hotel prices doubled: Death of Queen Elizabeth II fuels tourism boom

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A picture of Queen Elizabeth II. is hanging in a shop window, people are walking through London in front of it.

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Thousands of people traveled to London to witness the events surrounding the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Hotels, restaurants and shops are happy.

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Due to the death of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, many visitors have come to London, even from as far away as the United States and India. That helps the British economy, which is not looking good because of the high energy prices caused by the Russian war in Ukraine. Hotels, restaurants and shops benefit from the tourists.

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The stir ahead the Funeral service for the Queen on Monday has made it clear that the British royal family is a global attraction. Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to visit the Queen’s coffin during the period that the Queen’s body is laid out.

People stand in line for hours to say goodbye to the Queen

Since Wednesday afternoon can pass away people in Great Britain say goodbye to the deceased Queen Elizabeth II.

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hotel prices in London doubled

This increases the demand for hotels in central London. There are already price doublings there. The number of occupied rooms could reach a high of 95 percent, as reported by the booking platform

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The one with friends University professor Chad Broughton, who traveled from Chicago, said her hotel room in the tourist district of Covent Garden was expensive, costing 400 pounds a night (more than 450 euros). But the trip to London is unique. “Seeing all these people queuing, seeing the reaction at the BBC and just feeling that; You get a sense of how important it is to the people here,” Broughton said.

“That’s history, you know, that happens once in a lifetime,” said Kanakkantt Benedict from India, who came to the UK with his wife. “So we became part of it.”

On the River Thames, the Riverside Cafe has near the mile-long line to the Queen’s coffin the opening times have changed. Supervisor Zab Istanik now opens two hours earlier than typical, at 7am. There is a lot going on there, he said.

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The status of Jason Rich, “Fed By Plants,” does good sales of lentil burgers along the line of the line. “It’s a long line,” said Rich.

Will travelers be interested in the long term?

Some analysts still expect the UK economy to carry through current tourism is only strengthened to a limited extent. The reason for this is that supermarkets and other shops are closed at the funeral service on Monday. Monday has been declared a public holiday.

However, renewed interest in the royal family could benefit the travel and tourism industry in the long run, he said CEO Tim Hentschel. “Yes, in the short term, the public holiday will likely reduce productivity somewhat,” Hentschel said. Nevertheless, tourism will “far outpace” the short-term losses in the coming period.



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