“Hotellux” highlights the concept of a booking app. “Luxury” penetrates the high-end Thai market

“HotelLux” (HoteLux), the latest application launched in Thailand. Transform the service model State-of-the-art luxury hotel reservations Aiming to penetrate the “high-end” market with superior service For members only Combine privileges that can be used in all hotels in one click

through online booking technology modern and easy to use truly meet the needs of digital travelers

Yihao faithfully Managing Director and Co-Founder HoteLux revealed that after experiencing A successful debut in Singapore and Japan “HoteLuxapp. com” has expanded the market by launching in Thailand. will provide service “Book Luxury Accommodations” and personal concierge for members at by invitation only Through an advanced application on the member’s smartphone that can be used throughout the system iOS and Android are easy to use. convenient and safe with Its selling point lies in being able to connect members to leading luxury hotel chains around the world. and many privilege programs Including collecting points that are worth more than ever

“We foresee that the trend of modern tourists has changed. need flexibility convenience and more privacy But traditional luxury tour operators cannot meet these needs. is the origin of HoteLux to make a trip The digital age of tourists is more perfect than ever. With easy, convenient, seamless booking, no emails back and forth. And will also benefit from many great offers”

target audience of

HoteLux is Users of the application are between the ages of

2545 year is “Digital Travelers”

who look for travel through cutting-edge technology. It is a new generation of travelers who set out again. more frequency and longer distances after the COVID crisis-19 , which if compared to the growth of

HoteLux Year after year
400% Since its launch last year, and continue to grow
4050% month-to-month in the year

2022 Ensures the market’s feedback on

HoteLux Good Yihao

not yet See that Thailand It is one of the popular travel destinations. and the fullest growth of the world


Luxury travel is one of the most growing segments of the travel industry in Thailand. Including the group

“Digital Nomad”

(Digital Nomad) that works from anywhere. Thailand is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world and is sure to

HoteLux Will be well received by the domestic market Meanwhile
HoteLux has planned to develop and continue to expand the app in the future Whether it is offering booking connections to traditional Japanese ryokan so that international travelers can book easily. Adding a new language and disseminated to other countries. Across Asia including Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam m Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea along with social media functions For users to continue to share experiences and activities Networking to connect people traveling to the same destination at the same time “โฮเทลลักซ์” ชูคอนเซ็ปต์แอปจองที่พัก “ลักซ์ชัวรี่” บุกเจาะตลาดไฮเอนด์ไทย“โฮเทลลักซ์” ชูคอนเซ็ปต์แอปจองที่พัก “ลักซ์ชัวรี่” บุกเจาะตลาดไฮเอนด์ไทย
“โฮเทลลักซ์” ชูคอนเซ็ปต์แอปจองที่พัก “ลักซ์ชัวรี่” บุกเจาะตลาดไฮเอนด์ไทย

“โฮเทลลักซ์” ชูคอนเซ็ปต์แอปจองที่พัก “ลักซ์ชัวรี่” บุกเจาะตลาดไฮเอนด์ไทย

HoteLux is one of the company The first start-up that transforms luxury travel into digital by supporting a growing market segment Which is a new generation of travelers who want perfect connectivity immediate response and convenience through digital channels”

For hotel owners

HoteLux can help create more guest satisfaction. From providing in-room amenities that are easy to use to celebrating special occasions which
HoteLux can help hotels create a truly personalized experience for each hotel’s guests. We are confident that it will help drive the high-end tourism segment in Thailand to grow and create benefits for everyone in the Thai tourism industry as well

for many benefits that members

HoteLux will receive Equivalent to the privileges of credit card members or leading hotels such as free breakfast every day. Up to hotel dining, spa credit 100 USD per stay Free room upgrade Check in early and late check-out Pay at check-in And conditions for canceling reservations that are perfect which meets the behavior of modern travel that requires flexibility and can be changed at any time

In addition, service users HoteLux who is a member of the loyalty program of leading hotels such as Program Marriott’s Bonvoy (

Marriott) program

Honours Hilton’s (Hilton) and Hyatt’s World of Hyatt program will earn double points. , including a chat function, answering questions in real time as well by luxury hotels that can be booked on the app. HoteLux namely Four Seasons, Capella, Waldorf Astoria, The Ritz-Carlton, Park Hyatt, Rosewood, Mandarin Oriental, The Peninsula, Aman, Six Senses, Banyan Tree, T

he Dorchester Collection, Belmond Hotels and others Many more hotels and resorts around the world. In addition, members can also reserve a full range of additional services for a seamless and convenient journey. whether it is a limousine service popular restaurant Or even use this app to plan your trip forAnnual Fee of HoteLux start 199 US dollars (approx. 7,562 baht) where members will get level benefits Elite withCredit 100 US dollars (approx. 3,800 baht) for stays 2 For the first time, members can Book a room with HoteLux with best deals special by paying directly to the hotel Last minute changes to your stay can be made with the hotel without hassle Proofreading…. Suree Silawong “โฮเทลลักซ์” ชูคอนเซ็ปต์แอปจองที่พัก “ลักซ์ชัวรี่” บุกเจาะตลาดไฮเอนด์ไทย “โฮเทลลักซ์” ชูคอนเซ็ปต์แอปจองที่พัก “ลักซ์ชัวรี่” บุกเจาะตลาดไฮเอนด์ไทย “โฮเทลลักซ์” ชูคอนเซ็ปต์แอปจองที่พัก “ลักซ์ชัวรี่” บุกเจาะตลาดไฮเอนด์ไทย “โฮเทลลักซ์” ชูคอนเซ็ปต์แอปจองที่พัก “ลักซ์ชัวรี่” บุกเจาะตลาดไฮเอนด์ไทย “โฮเทลลักซ์” ชูคอนเซ็ปต์แอปจองที่พัก “ลักซ์ชัวรี่” บุกเจาะตลาดไฮเอนด์ไทย “โฮเทลลักซ์” ชูคอนเซ็ปต์แอปจองที่พัก “ลักซ์ชัวรี่” บุกเจาะตลาดไฮเอนด์ไทยsource

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