Hotels and Lodging in Cianjur, West Java

There are so many tourist attractions in Cianjur Regency that hotels and inns in Cianjur, West Java are on the list of tourists’ wanted.

This is reasonable because not a few of the tourists who decide to look for a place to spend the night after tired of traveling.

Well, for those of you who need a reference for a place to stay when traveling to Cianjur, you can refer to the following information.

Recommended Hotels and Lodging in Cianjur

Here are some recommendations for hotels and inns that can be the best choice in spending vacation time to Cianjur.

Berlian Resort


Next, you can also consider a comfortable place to stay at Berlian Resort.

The address itself is at Jalan Sindanglaya Cimacan Km.41, Cipanas, Cianjur, Java West.


Regarding the available facilities, it is also sufficient to pamper the visitors who want to stay.

This can be seen from the vehicle parking location, comfortable rooms, bathrooms, television and various other facilities.


Regarding the rental rates available at Brilian Resort itself very affordable and pocket-friendly for visitors.

Later, visitors only need to pay room rent to stay at Rp. 114 thousand per night.

Mataram hotel


Hotels and inns in Cianjur you can also find at Mataram hotel which offers the best staying facilities.

The location can be easily reached by someone by simply visiting the address Jalan Gadog Pharmacy, Pacet, Cianjur, West Java.


Like a place to stay in general, Mataram The hotel also provides supporting facilities.

Namely a spacious parking location, comfortable bedrooms, bathrooms, AIR CONDITIONER, WiFi and so on.


For visitors who want to spend the night at Mataram hotel, then there is no need to worry about the rental fee per night .

Because the rental price is very affordable, starting from only IDR 150 thousand per night.



Bratajaya is also often the best choice for tourists for an extremely comfortable place to stay.

Located in a strategic location, the address is located on Jalan Raya Bandung No.07, Ciranjang, Cianjur, West Java.


Regarding the available facilities, tourists also do not need worry again.

Because tourists can enjoy facilities in the form of extremely comfortable bedrooms, private bathrooms, WiFi and others.


The rental price for Bratajaya’s place to stay is very affordable, so don’t be surprised if it is always crowded with visitors.

The rent itself starts from only 139 thousand per night.

Arra Pine Valley


Looking for an affordable place to stay with incredibly comfortable facilities you can get from Arra Lembah Pinus.

The address is Jalan Raya Ciawi-Cianjur, Ciloto, Cipanas, Cianjur, West Java.


Facilities available is also quite complete so that it really supports the convenience of visitors.

just like a comfortable bed, fitness center, play ground, karaoke room, free WiFi access and so on.


Regarding the rental price with incredibly comfortable supporting facilities, it is very pocket friendly. thousands.

Those are the recommendations for hotels and inns in Cianjur, West Java. Make sure you choose the best place to stay to support comfort.

( Deni/R4/HR-Online)


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