Hotels for adults only. Is it a legal business?

hoteles the blog site Ostelea School of Management in Tourism, hotels for adults do not discriminate against children, the objective “is to offer guests a relaxed, calm, peaceful environment without the characteristic bustle of children.

(Open University of Catalonia) clarifies : “Yes, the definition itself entails unequal treatment of the group of minors, which, thus stated, entails discriminatory treatment based on age”. However, it recognizes that the regular practice is not to deny entry to minors “but to discourage families with minor children from reserving or contracting accommodation in said hotels” but without there being an explicit prohibition of access to the youngest.

The consequence is that, if a family makes a mistake booking in an establishment of this type, with their suitcases already at the hotel, they are not entitled to transfer those customers to another establishment. Otherwise, a discriminatory act could be incurred.

These are hotels that, basically, offer relaxed and quiet stays at an exceptional price than the regular one, so that adults can enjoy their privacy and their vacations. According to Hosteltur, after the Covid pandemic , hotel reservations for couples increased by 14%, representing 51% in 2020 and 65% in 2021 of the reserves.

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