Hotels in Neum are full from May to December

Neum’s hotels will be fully booked as early as May, and an excellent season and postseason is expected until December – said Feni, the head of Neum Municipality, Dragan Jurković.

Neum’s hotels will be fully booked already from May, and an excellent season and post-season is expected until December– said Dragan Jurković, head of the Feni Municipality of Neum. He added that they expect better results than in 2019 and expressed the hope that a local Tourist Board will be formed by the beginning of the main season in order to be able to monitor the number of guests in Neum, but also to further develop the Municipality of Neum .” The focus, as in recent years, is on domestic guests from Bosnia and Herzegovina, but lately we have had an increase in guests from Western European countries. They are coming French, Germans, Austrians, Poles, Czechs, Slovaks. The number is increasing year by year, so we expect more of them this season as well,” he said. The head also emphasizes that the Serbian market opened in 2020 and that they expect an increase in guests from that country this year as well because the announcements are very good. Help for young people due to high real estate prices

Speaking about the departure of young people as a pressing problem, not only in Neum, but in the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mayor Jurković noted that over the last two years, they have tried their best to make it easier for young people to stay in Neumu.” We tried to help them through small but significant subsidies, from equipping a newborn to paying basic expenses for mothers in labor for the first half of the year and the like. We plan through 2024 to start subsidizing apartments for young people”, revealed the mayor. He points out that real estate prices are very expensive and that young people can hardly buy their first real estate with these market prices.” We will try to take over part of the costs and thus enable young people to stay in this area. The issue of departure and lack of labor is visible in Neum I believe that young people can find a job here, and now the businessmen are a little different, salaries and the like are increased just to keep young people”, he underlined. Reconstruction of streets and landscaping of beaches The mayor also said that one of the most important projects currently being worked on is the construction of the Neum Municipality building, which he hopes will be moved into by the end of the year. “Thus, after 45 years, we will finally get a building that will house all municipal services. We are also planning to reconstruct the streets, but we will work on that after the season”, revealed the chief. In the end, he said that they are now preparing, arranging and finishing the beach areas with the aim of doing as much as they can to make the people who come to Neum feel comfortable.


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