Housing: Aveiro approves private project with 400 apartments and a hotel

The Aveiro Chamber approved the urbanization projects and the issuance of a permit for a private development in the vicinity of the São Roque Canal, with a hotel and 400 apartments, the municipality informed today.

According to a press release, the local executive approved the urbanization contract for the “Foz de Prata” project, for construction on land located west of Avenida Carlos Candal and at the west end of Avenida da Força Aérea.

Under the terms of the council’s deliberation, the urbanization works projects and the issuance of the allotment permit “necessary for the implementation of a new urbanistic solution for the land to the west of Avenida Carlos Candal and at the west end of Avenida of the Air Force”.

The project, “Foz de Prata” is titled by the company “Canal Capital– Sociedade de Construções e Turismo, SA” and includes a hotel, housing, commerce and parking.

With an international area of ​​remarkable construction of 50 thousand square meters, it foresees 400 dwellings, 272 public parking spaces, an average commercial area of ​​1,870 square meters and a hotel that will occupy 11,600 square meters .

“This is a private investment that comes to an end with an old problem of urban qualification in the city of Aveiro, in one of its noblest areas, creating a new centrality”, refers the note from press.

The local information also highlights the new commercial spaces and the increase in housing and hotel accommodation, “essential for the continued and sustained growth and economic dynamism of the municipality”.


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