How and where to get a motorcycle rental in Ibiza

Opting for a motorcycle rental in Ibiza is the best way to tour the island in a free way while enjoying its beaches and landscapes

A moped that belongs to a motorcycle rental in Ibiza

Do you want to do a route through the Balearic Islands? The best option to do it without spending a lot of flammable and to be able to access all its corners is hiring the rental of a motorcycle in Ibiza

Renting a motorbike to visit Ibiza ensures you a great experience, as well as not having to wait for taxi cabs or Public transport at the door of the hotel every time you want to go to the beach. In addition, you will be able to do incredible routes, choosing yourself both the destination and the path you want to take.

Where to rent a motorcycle?

There are many web pages of agencies that offer to rent motorcycles for days in Ibiza. You can choose both the date, time and place of delivery, as well as the return. As a basic rule, these agencies are usually at the airport, so both the delivery and the return of the motorcycle are usually there, but, sometimes, you can choose between several options that the agency gives you, which are closer to the tourist places and hotels.

Also, you can find agency positions where you can rent your motorcycle for as many days as you want. Being an island like Ibiza, with such a high tourist tax, the car rental service is quite common, so you will surely find a company that has the motorcycle model you are looking for.

What companies rent motorcycles in Ibiza?

As we have said, Ibiza is an island with a large number of services focused on tourism, therefore, there are several car rental companies that work there. We are going to leave you a list of the best valued ones, with their rates and where you can find them. Ok Mobility

Ok Mobility is a motorcycle, car and van rental agency. You can rent your motorcycle from their website, in the “vehicle rental” section and selecting the Ibiza area; Or you can also do it in person at one of its facilities.

The default option for delivery and return of the motorcycle is Ibiza Airport. When you indicate the dates in which you want to have the motorcycle, they will review the options available for those days and you choose the model that you like the most.

Ok Mobility has two options rental: Smart and Premium. The Premium option allows you to change your motorcycle or cancel the rental for free, while the Smart option will charge you for canceling the service and does not allow changes. The average price is about 14 EUR per day, although it depends on the motorcycle you choose and the time you rent it. Turbo Rent A Car

Turbo Rent A Car specializes in motorcycle and car rental in Ibiza . To rent a motorbike, you must search for the area where you want to pick it up and the dates on which you would like to rent the motorbike. They have 12 offices open throughout the island to be able to return the motorcycle without having to go to the airport.

Both the prices and the models of the motorcycles are very varied, they have from large displacement motorcycles to mopeds and rentals range from 30 EUR per day to almost 90 EUR.

In addition to motorcycles, they also offer quads and you will only pay for the gasoline you have spent, it is not necessary to return the motorcycle with a full tank. Cooltra

Cooltra is another of the most popular agencies to rent motorcycles in Ibiza. It has 8 stores from where you can rent and leave your motorcycle. It is one of the best options to explore the 20 km of coast of the island, at an affordable price and with very modern models of scooters and motorcycles.

Tour the island of Ibiza on a motorcycle is an unforgettable experience that we recommend. Enjoying the routes that border the Mediterranean coast, while being in connection with the sun and the sea breeze, is something that is priceless. Although it is recommended, take into account some tips before going out on the road in summer


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