“How bad can you sing playback?”: Bill Kaulitz tears Bohlen's DSDS performance

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    Bill Kaulitz doesn’t seem to be a fan to be from Dieter Bohlen. In his podcast, the Tokio hotel singer has now sharply criticized the appearance of the juror at the DSDS final.

    Cologne– In the latest episode of their Spotify podcast “Kaulitz Hills – Senf aus Hollywood”, Bill and Tom Kaulitz (33) openly and ruthlessly talked about “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” and specifically about the appearance of DSDS– chief judge Dieter Bohlen (69) at the grand finale last Saturday spoken. The twins didn’t have a lot of positive things to say about their performance on the song “Brother Louie”.

    Bill Kaulitz blasphemes about Bohlen’s appearance on DSDS: “He can’t even sing properly playback”

    “It’s crazy how bad a guy can sing playback. He also plays the guitar […] This guitar, when he’s carrying the pass away, you think it doesn’t fit at all, he doesn’t even know how to hold the pass away and where to touch the pass away. And then this playback, that was so bad”, criticizes Bill Kaulitz the appearance of the pop titan.

    The main point of criticism of the Tokio hotel frontman is the fact that the DSDS candidates have to appear live in front of the camera and Bohlen “steps in there with one.” Full playback on as a judge and then can’t even sing playback properly”. It was “difficult to watch”, Bill sums up. If he had to see the performance live, he would not have been able to control his face, he is sure.

    Bill Kaulitz konnte den DSDS-Auftritt von Dieter Bohlen beim großen Finale laut eigener Aussage nur schwer aushalten.

    According to Bill Kaulitz, it was difficult for Dieter Bohlen to endure the DSDS appearance at the grand finale.© Imago/Photopress Müller & & Panama Pictures Sem Eisinger is DSDS winner 2023

    As winner of the anniversary relay was last Saturday Sem Eisinger(29) chosen Second place was chosen by the spectators Monika Gajek (21) from Salzgitter Third place went to the Swiss Lorent Berisha (19) Fourth went to Kiyan Yousefbeik (21). Hanover. Sources used:

    RTL.de, Spotify


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