How much money do Romanians who work as seasonal workers in hotels in Spain earn? Unexpected

The tourism industry is a crucial sector for many countries, generating significant income and creating employment opportunities for thousands of people. Seasonal workers play an essential role for tourism, ensuring the proper functioning of hotels, restaurants, leisure centers and other tourist facilities. Romanians working in the tourism industry in Spain have the opportunity to earn monthly salaries starting from 1,050 euros. These salaries may increase depending on the position held within the hotel or the location in which it is located.

Salaries vary by region

Statistics reveals that salaries

of Romanian seasonal workers who work in hotels or on beaches in Spain vary depending on the region in which they operate and the tourist season. According to a report presented by, on average, these workers can earn between 1,200 and 1,500 euros per month, but this amount can vary depending on the position held and the company that employs them. Also, the region in which the activity is carried out influences the level of wages, as some tourist areas can offer higher remunerations than others, due to the degree of popularity and the influx of tourists.

Government Spanish set the minimum wage level

The Spanish government has implemented a policy that sets a minimum wage level for seasonal workers in the tourism industry, including Romanian citizens. Thus, seasonal workers should benefit from the same rights and receive the same salary level as native employees in Spain. This measure aims to ensure fair remuneration and eliminate any wage discrimination among seasonal workers in the tourism industry.

Starting in 2023, the Spanish government has set a minimum salary level of €1,050 per month for seasonal workers, which is a significant increase from the previous year’s level. It is crucial to note that from this amount, some employees have to cover their rent, food and transport expenses, as not all employers provide accommodation and meals.

Romanians are the largest minority in Italy , being present in significant numbers in this country, along with Spain and Great Britain. According to official statistics, until January 1, 2021, 1,137,728 Romanian citizens who obtained residency were registered in Italy

. This figure represents approximately 22.67% of all foreigners who have settled in Italy. According to the same statistics, it is found that 57.39% of the foreigners resident in the peninsula are of Romanian origin.

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